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Nancy Wu and Vincent Wong earned money in Christmas Event

Nancy Wu Vincent Wong

Nancy Wu and Vincent Wong are rising in popularity after Gun Metal Grey. The day before, they attended a Christmas event as a couple team, earning money together! At the even, Nancy was dressed as a Dancing Queen and did gorgeous social dancing with Vincent. One dance starts the love. Also, the two played Speed Dating games with the guests. Then they played a game where they had to use their foreheads to hold onto a heart shaped ball, looks like Vincent was not afraid his girlfriend Yoyo Chen would get jealous. Vincent and Nancy were so compatible they looked like a real couple! The two also directed the single men and women, Nancy said: "First meeting, girls should put away the 'HK girl' image, don't have to rush, have to show off the gentle side in a girl."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung in film Yang Women Generals

Nicholas Tse Yang Women Generals

The married couple Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse coincidentally both fell off the horse during shooting and were injured together. Cecilia was shooting a new film Yang Women Generals in Mongolia, and encountered an accident while shooting a heroic rescue of a child scene. She fell off her horse injuring her arms, legs, knees, shoulders, neck and tail bone. Turns out that before Cecilia's injury, her husband Nic also had the same experience while shooting for EEG film Shaolin 2010 last year.

Last year, the over hundred million invested film Shaolin 2010 started shooting in Hengdian. Nic and Ghost Feet 7 played by Hung Yan Yan were shooting Shaolin Temple scenes. Had always been sensitive to horses, Nic insisted on doing the scene himself risking of an asthma crisis. After completing the scene, he had to do part where he gets off the horse, the horses suddenly started kicking madly and kicked Nic's left knee. Nic instantly cried in pain, frightening the film crew as the doctor on the set rushed to bandaged him up.

The couple really have fate with horses, no wonder Nic said: "old enemy will always be enemy, can't say anything!"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

Vincy Chan Compilation Album Vin's Selections

Vincy Chan Vins Selections

Vincy Chan will soon be releasing her compilation album Vin's Selections which will include 26 songs she recorded before and 3 new recorded songs. Vincy especially divided the songs into 4 different themes - Sweet, Sour, Bitter and Spicy. And she tailored 6 different styles for the album covers, with both exaggerated and cutie looks.

As she changes her style several times, Vincy was shooting for a total of 12 hours, a strong health investment for her. She said: "To give everyone a surprise, even if it's difficult work, it's all worth it." To accommodate the Christmas holidays, her record company made a special 3D box packaging for her new album, every side will have one of Vincy's 6 different covers looking just like a Christmas gift, hoping fans can have an enjoyable Christmas

Vin's Selection is Scheduled to release on December 23, 2010.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: aZnangel@AEU


Andy Lau Leon Lai

In the past, the two big Pop Kings Andy Lau and Leon Lai would fight bitterly 'You Die, I Live' in the music scene. At the RTHK awards presentation held in HK Coliseum, Leon fans threw glow sticks at Andy when he was on stage. However, the night before, Andy held his concert in HK Coliseum and invited Leon to sing Star together. There were no 'boos' heard in the venue at all, jsut applause and whistles shook the whole HK Coliseum. The two did their embrace of the century on stage as well. When Andy sang the last line "Please remember me in your heart", Leon deeply answered: "I will", leading to the highest point of the concert.

The first 20 shows "ANDY LAU UNFORGETTABLE CONCERT 2010" kicked off the night before at HK Coliseum. Andy appeared in his classic styles over the 30 years he's been in the industry, among them were Lau Kin Ming from Infernal Affairs, Wah Dee from A Moment of Romance and there were also many other gentlemen appearances. Then he performed the Tic Tac dance that he's best at. Andy also played with fire, fireworks and lasers to accompany his dances. Throughout the entire night, Andy did not do any safety precautions, looks like audience were very frightened for him. Within HK Coliseum, there was an approximately 40 feet tall Andy Lau figure on the side of the stage.

Feeling very high, Andy had a full house at his concert. When he allowed fans to hug and shake his hand, fans entered the crazy mood screaming and shouting loudly, even Andy really had put in a lot of effort to make his speech, Andy laughed: "I just wanted to thank you all for letting me go through a 30 year Fairytale. It's that hard, I can't even speak? Audience were very obedient and controlled their emotions, then quiet down.

Andy continued: "But, afterall fairytale is just a fairytale, if one day I changed to a family man, you all will still love me like this? If one day you encounter me on the streets, hope you'll give me an excited embrace. However, if you happen to take photos of something that shouldn't be taken, please don't pull it online. Like if I'm eating fish balls, having a feast with two big thighs, etc!" Followed by his speech, Andy performed Mama I Love You with Deanie Ip, who he always viewed as a mother. Then Andy suddenly turned emotional, letting out a man's tear.

After Andy performed Star with his guest Leon Lai, he expressed he's very happy to see fans welcoming Leon. Appearing nervous, Leon laughed: "Hello everyone. Sometimes I know how to speak, sometimes I don't really know how to. First off, I am very happy that Andy invited me this evening to share his joy with me. Below the stage, I relied on headphones to listen, and this is luck that I normally don't enounter. The experience this time is very heartwarming, I am happy." Then Leon performed Forget Emotions for Andy fans to enjoy.

During the encore, Andy was dressed in a fresh yellow coloured suit with shades to do an MJ dance. Soon after, he revealed his 6 pack, giving a fest to fans' eyes. To end, Andy appeared in pajamas, and said: "I'm taking my 30 year most precious time and handing it over to you. Youthfulness, who accompanied you to grow? Senior, who help you teach your sons and daughters? I become old, you try leaving me, I take your life!"

Source: Mingpao
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok on holiday during Winter Solistice

Frankie Lam Kenik Kwok

Winter Solistice and Christmas is near, Kenix Kwok and her husband Frankie Lam lately have been troubled with rumors, but did not affect their relationship. Last night, the couple went out dining with their daughter, celebrating the holidays early. The family of 3 sat in a 7-seater van and had their driver take them to the Fook Lam Moon restaurant for dinner. During the time, 24/7 father Frankie carried their daughter, while Kenix carried an orange coloured brand name handbag. Asked the Kenix in a great mood if they are celebrating the Winter Solistice? She answered kindly: "Yes!"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

Selena Li and Steven Ma in Thunder of Forbidden City

Selena Li

Steven Ma and Selena Li were in Kowloon City shooting outdoor scenes for TVB new series Thunder of Forbidden City. In the series, the two have quite a bit of love scenes. As the series has already started shooting for over a month, Steven frankly said that he has to fight and speak his lines at the same time, so it has been difficult, he said: "This time for this series, filming has been difficult. Tomorrow on Winter Solstice, Christmas, and New Year's Eve, I have to work in the studio, no choice! Sacrifice the little me, let other colleagues make some money. I hope married people can spend the holidays with family, this year's holidays I'll take it, next year I won't

Steven was asked if he'll be getting married year? He said: "I don't know! This year there's me here to handle it all! (Getting married next year?) Not yet! Leave it to fate!" He frankly said that he can work through any holiday, but Lunar New Year he must get a break because there is special atmosphere for the Lunar New Year.

Praises Kenneth Ma a good guy

As for Selena Li, she expressed for Christmas she doesn't have anything scheduled and if she has an opportunity she will go to a party. She said: "To me, Christmas is very important to me, it has the most love. (Have you found your lover then?) There is a pursuer, but not official yet. Within the upcoming year, we will keep it stable first." Asked if she hopes to 'fish a tortoise'? Selena said: "Of course I hope to find someone that is stabled financially! Women who already have children, chances of making money is reduced, but I will not choose a partner based on money. Dating someone who is too rich, first it is too troubling and second we both have different values. Tried before, got to know before, just doesn't match!" When speaking of her co-star Kenneth Ma have always been said to be a good guy, asked if she would consider him? She laughed: "We won't! I hope to find someone outside of the industry, I must say Kenneth is a good guy, but not good for me."

Rabu, 15 Desember 2010

Ariel Lin new film Lovesick

Ariel Lin Film Lovesick

Good news for Ariel Lin's fans. 700 days since her last acting project, Ariel returns with a new film 'Lovesick', which began filming earlier this week. However, the Golden Bell Queen says she is very nervous and worried that her acting skills have turned rusty. Thus, on the first day of filming, she took a deep breath and hugged her mother and brother before leaving the house, to give herself some moral support. Ariel also expressed firmly that she does not believe in the Golden Bell curse.

The day before yesterday, Ariel took a break from filming and attended a Japanese tourism function, as one of the ambassadors. She revealed that her favourite rose is pink; and not red, because she feels that red is too strong and forceful. She also revealed her idea of romantic love; and that she hopes her other half will appear 'around the corner'.

Barbies hsu in film My Kingdom or Da Wu Sheng

Barbie Hsu My Kingdom

Newlywed actress Barbie Hsu has chosen her acting job over honeymoon and joined the set of the action film "My Kingdom" ("Da Wu Sheng") in Shanghai, Web site 163.com reports.

Hsu registered to marry wealthy restaurateur Wang Xiaofei on November 16 in Beijing, surprising celebrity gossip watchers as she only met Wang two months earlier.

In "My Kingdom", Hsu joins Wu Chun ("14 Blades") and Han Geng for a 1920s tale of two brothers' quest for fame, love and revenge.

The film will be the screen debut for pop star Han Geng, the former backbone of the boy band Super Junior.

Musician-turned-filmmaker Gao Xiaosong is directing the film, with kung-fu veteran Sammo Hung choreographing the action scenes.

The story was penned by Zou Jingzhi, who also did Zhang Yimou's "Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles" ("Qian Li Zou Dan Ji").

Hollywood veteran Andre Morgan, who is producing the film, told "The Hollywood Reporter" that the project had come together after four years of preparation.

"We are excited to finally bring this very fresh story to Chinese audiences," Morgan was quoted as saying.

The film is slated for release in the summer of 2011.

Lin Chi Ling the highest paid model in Taiwan

Lin Chi Ling Model

It has been a busy year for Taiwan's top model Lin Chi-ling as she pockets more than TWD$1 billion in earnings.

Ranking Taiwanese models according to their annual incomes, the country's top model Lin Chi-ling dominated the chart for the seventh time in a row. Her income for the year was estimated to be more than TWD$1.6 billion (approximately S$7 million).

Coming in second and third were Sonia Sui and Bianca Bai respectively. In fourth position was Patina Lin, followed by Tiffany Hsu in fifth.

Lin Chi-ling reportedly generated more than $1 billion from her endorsements of 12 different products, which cost more than $10 million each. On top of that, the model received a paycheck of more than $10 million for the production of Japanese drama series Moon Lovers. After the addition of income from appearing at events in the later half of the year, her win on the chart was expected.

On the other hand, Sonia Sui, who shot to fame with Taiwanese drama series P.S. Man, was reported to be earning an average amount of $150,000 per episode for the drama The Fierce Wife, which she is currently filming. She also received a $7 million paycheck for the movie Make Up. Additionally, Sonia generated $20 million from endorsements and other activities.

Coming in third, Bianca Bai, co-star of Sonia Sui in P.S. Man, also took on a movie role in Kingfisher, which paid her $4 million. She also earned an additional $15 million from endorsements and other activities.

Aaron Yan kiss Serena Fang in drama Gloomy Salad Days

Aaron Yan and Serena Fang

What does it take for one to prepare for a bed scene? For Aaron Yan, all it took was five simple steps.

In his recent drama Gloomy Salad Days, the story described Aaron and co-star Serena Fang falling in love with each other during their past lives.

On the day of the shoot, the singer-actor dived straight to the set of the drama after completing overseas commitments and filmed his first bed scene for the drama. While it might have looked like an easy scene, Aaron was actually stressed out.

"I didn't know where to put my hands, or how much body contact we should have," said the idol.

The director Zero Chou however told Aaron to "give himself to Serena Fang".

Aaron undertook the scenes responsibly and even came up with five steps of preparation, namely "brushing teeth, putting on perfume, doing push-ups, wearing swimming trunks and taking in a bit of alcohol".

Apart from brushing his teeth for at least 10 minutes in order to retain the freshness of his breath, he even sprayed on perfume, which was said to excite female hormones. The actor demanded Serena to grade him and his co-star gave him "face", by replying "not bad" shyly.

As the singer-actor also wanted to look great on television, he did a couple of push-ups before the actual filming.

He explained, "I wasn't sure which part of my body was going to be revealed, so I trained up my back and arm muscles."

Furthermore, Aaron wanted to wear only underwear for the scene, but added an extra pair of swimming trunks after the production crew warned him about accidentally exposing more than he should.

Lastly, to relax his nerves, Aaron drank some alcohol before the shoot, only to fall asleep while the director was adjusting the camera. She shook him for a period of time before he woke up.

"I wanted to just take away my nervousness initially, but I guess I ended up being too relaxed," said Aaron in embarrassment.

Aaron's courage boosted after this experience, claiming that he would "take more clothes off the next time".

Cheryl Yang endorse bra, renew her contract with Mode Marie Lingerie

Cheryl Yang Bra

Actress Cheryl Yang recently renewed her contract as spokesperson for lingerie brand, Mode Marie, earning a reported annual sum of TWD$5 million (approximately S$210,000).

The company, Mode Marie, claimed that ever since Cheryl took on the spokesperson's role for the Greater China region in 2008, lingerie the actress wore were sold out as soon as they hit the market.

On the set of the recent commercial shoot for the lingerie brand's newest line of bras, Cheryl exuded sexiness. In an attempt to break away from her usual image, the actress specially spent five days on the shoot. It took one day just to settle on her hairstyle for the shoot.

After the shoot, Cheryl quickly returned to her usual hair colour as she was still currently filming the drama, Zhong Wu Yen. The actress had no qualms about sacrificing her hair, quipping, "I really like having straight hair. I especially treasure this chance where I get to lengthen my hair."

Apart from Cheryl, other Taiwanese female celebrities who are spokespersons for lingerie brands include Joe Chen, Tammy Chen and Sonia Sui. However, none of them are as experienced as the actress. In a span of three years, she had shot about 10 lingerie commercials.

Cheryl's professionalism could be a reason for her being in high demand. She would personally model the lingerie no matter how cold the weather was. She also did not demand for crew to clear the set prior to the shoot. She expressed, "I did everything in lingerie commercials. It's a breakthrough."

Tony Sun is dating with Angel Han Yu now

Tony Sun and Angel Han

It's difficult to maintain a relationship, especially if you're a mama's boy.

The Taiwanese media recently received news from a source, saying that singer-actor Tony Sun is currently dating co-star Han Yu. The source claimed that Han Yu was seen entering Tony's apartment numerous times. Last week, Han Yu was caught entering Tony's house four times by the media. She was then picked up by her assistant the morning after.

Tony and Han Yu reportedly met during the filming of the drama, Parent's Love. However at that time, Han Yu was rumoured to be dating co-star Liu Zhihan.

In September this year, Han Yu posted a photo of her and Tony on her Facebook, saying "Luckily Leilei (name of her character in Parent's Love) and Jianwen (name of Tony's character) aren't too familiar with each other."

A few days ago, the actress hinted the possibility of her being in a relationship by writing, "My heart started to beat again. This is a setup to the beginning of something wonderful." on her Facebook.

Tony was the leader of now-defunct boy band 5566. After he shot to stardom, he dated fellow singer Ding Xiaoqin. The couple later broke up because of objection from Tony's mother. After Tony became an actor, he dated co-star Chou Youting. The pair was said to have broken up in March this year.

Since his mother's disapproval was the reason behind his breakup with Ding Xiaoqin, his girlfriend of six years, Tony took the initiative to inform his mother about his new relationship this time.

F4 reunion on CCTV New Year's Eve in Shenzhen

F4 reunion

After The Little Tiger's reunion on CCTV's annual Spring Festival Celebration program for their twentieth year, there were rumors and speculation that perhaps F4 would also reunite on the show for their tenth anniversary. While that plan to bring together Jerry Yan, Vic Chou, Van Ness Wu, and Ken Chu didn't fall into place, CCTV gave it one more shot by mailing out formal invitations in hopes that the four would attend the New Year's Eve celebration in Shenzhen on the 21st this year. Alas, Vic thought that the New Year's Eve celebration would actually, you know, be on New Year's Eve (the 31st), and so he had already made vacation plans for the 21st.

Unlike in Taiwan, Mainland's CCTV holds their New Year's Eve party earlier. On the night of the 20th, they hold the red carpet event, a press conference, and the dress rehearsal. Then on the 21st, they officially film the show. Had the reunion of F4 been successful, they would have been Taiwan's sole representatives.

The "mother of F4", Angie Chai, has deemed it "Mission Impossible" to bring the four together due to their different management companies. And since Vic will be doing promotions in Tokyo for "Black and White" near the Spring Festival date next year, chances are slim that the four will be able to reunite for the occasion. However, it can't be completely written off yet. Perhaps Hunan TV, who has offered to provide them with planes for transfers for Hunan TV's Spring Festival show, will be able to finally bring them back together again. Even Jerry's manager has stated that the four have a consensus on reuniting, but it will all depend on their schedules.

In the meantime, we can look forward to other big names coming to the CCTV New Year's Eve party, such as the Four Heavenly Kings consisting of Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Leon Lai, and Aaron Kwok.

Source: Appledaily
Written by: Zahra @ CpopAccess.com

Selasa, 07 Desember 2010

Felix Wong did not attent TVB Anniversary Award

Felix Wong

TVB Anniversary Awards will be held tomorrow night (Sunday) at TVB City, the nominees are out in force. However, after TVB anniversary series Gun Metal Grey was neglected earlier and made male lead Felix Wong angered, Felix and female lead Jessica Hsuan won't be attending tomorrow night. This proves the suppose "Don't value the awards" comment.

In fact, after Felix's 'fire breathing', TVB quickly tried to fix it by sending him to the Top 5 for TV King and added him to the awards ceremony guests list, but Felix still does not feel respected and decided not to attend the ceremony. Yesterday only his assistant responded: "Felix probably won't be going! (Is Felix in HK?) He's in HK! (Guest for award ceremony?) TVB has this arrangement, but at the time Felix did not confirm if he was going or not!"

Producer (Tong Kei Ming) also expressed his unhappiness: "They're playing it all, just ending the voting on November 28th is already unfair! GMG will be airing the finale on December 10th, the artists are waiting for that day to let audience see their development and performance, it is the time to pull in votes, but now that the voting ended so early, I feel it it's unfair, just accompanying Prince to study. I know someone is suffering and I feel bad for nancy Wu, she's done very well!" But, yesterday Nancy clarified on Weibo that the unfairness to her is just private matters, not related to the awards.

Jessica Hsuan is currently working in Mainland, she responded yestrday: "TVB did invite me to attend, but because I have something to do, I won't be in HK and can't go. (The situation is getting better and better?) No fear, they must have their own reason, then will have to ask them."

That day Felix scold TVB for neglecting GMG, plus at the time TVB Anniversary Producer (Wai Sai Fai) added oil to the fire, saying that if artists have problems then should directly call him and now this 'boycott action' Wai Sai Fai said: "This time another group is responsible for the awards ceremony, I cannot say anything about the awards ceremony. (Michael Miu and Felix Wong aren't attending the awards ceremony was caused by the TVB Anniversary incident?) It is best to clearly ask them how they are feeling. Whatever they are unhappy about, can come to talk the Artist Department, manager, producer. It was said that they were invited to the awards ceremony as guests." TVB Anniversary Awards producer (Ling Suet Ngoh) responded yesterday: "Artists Department has given me the final guests list yet. (Felix will be the guest at the ceremony?) Still discussing, we have not decided who will be presenting the awards."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

Netizens support Evergreen Mak for winning Best Supporting Actor

Evergreen Mak

Yesterday's TVB Anniversary Awards caught the whole city's attention, Neitzens are on the internet commenting and discussing. Many fans supported 'Fei Fan Gor' Evergreen Mak (Mak Bao) for winning Best Supporting Actor: "Really feel that many people truly congratulated him." Neitzens also suggested that Mak Bao start a new film called Fei Fan Gor Unofficial Biography. There are also people are unsatisfied with the award presenter Dik Leung advising Mak Bao to not be arrogrant and felt that the other award presenter guests were trying to ruin the show, 'every word got into the bones'.

Source: The Sun
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

Fala Chen won Best Supporting Actress in drama No Regrets

Fala Chen

Fala Chen depended on her deep acting for the role as Ching Ching in No Regrets and successfully beats the Top 5 opponents Kara Hui, Elena Kong, Susanna Kwan and Nancy Wu for "Best Supporting Actress" award. Fala received hugs from the group of male colleagues and blew a kiss to thank everyone. She said with a sob: "I know my role is not liked by everyone, I heard a lot of negative comments, I will accpet them all. I will continue to work hard."

Asked if she will go to her boyfriend (Sit Sai Hang)'s Neway Karoke to celebrate? She said: "Don't know, good suggestion. (How about buy diamond to award yourself?) Can buy it myself, can receive it as a gift, most important is being happy! (What did boyfriend give?) I don't know if he watched TV. (Time to get marry?) Today I am only talking about work and the award." But, online there are many Neitzens questioning her winning the award on discussion forums.

Best Supporting Actor Evergreen Mak also began to sob when he won the award for his role as Fei Fan Gor in No Regrets, he said in tears: "Thank you audience for giving me this good report card. With my other Most Popular Host award, I can finally let people see my report card. In the series, I'm always told to eat crap, but portraying this character, eating crap for 10 years is all worth it."

Raymond Wong double happiness

Raymond Wong successfully won Most Improved Actor award and immediately announced the good news that he'll soon become a father. It is considered double happiness for him: "Thank you my wife for bringing me a little new life soon. I have been in the industry for 13 years, this us my first award in 3.5 years in TVB. Have to thank my producers giving me the opportunites. Thank you Kent Cheng and my wife, helping me get through the tough times."

Most Improved Actress Natalie Tong had her award presented to her by Eric Tsang and Fung Sui Fan. Eric joked: "Why isn't Ah Bong (Amigo Chui) coming up to congratulate you?" Natalie brought tears in her acceptance speech, thanking her late mother: "I want to give this award to my mommy, in the past whatever I did was inconstant, but I wasn't for acting. I know you have always loved me, I don't know why I never told you I really lobe you in the last 20 something years. I hope you give me another opportunity to love you again." Natalie took her award with her to pay respects to her mom, very touching scene.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang is TVB TV king and queen

Wayne Lai Sheren Tang

TVB Anniversary Awards 2010 was held last night and presented 15 awards. No Regrets swept the 4 big role awards, the leading role and supporting role. The other popular series Can't Buy Me Love did not lose it all and got Best Series. TV King and Queen went to Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang respectatively as predicted by [Oriental Daily]. Charmaine Sheh won My Favourite TV Female Character and the popular Moses Chan just got the 'pork' award!

TV King Wayne Lai happily lifted up his award and said: "Thank you TVB for growing me for years. I thought after last year's acceptance speech, I won't have another opportunity to say it again. Lau Sing is a role I really like, I will remember for life!"

TV Queen Sheren Tang had the whole studio cheering and applauding when she won, but the award presenter (Dik Lung) forgot to present the award to her. Sheren happily said: "Silent diligent work can be seen by people! Thank you God for giving me a crazy special characteristic, that allows me to be able to do well on my acting." Sheren did not forget to thank God: "Many people have no opportunity to stand on this stage, many people are silently working, pulling all nighters, it is difficult to film a TV series! Thank you God for giving me so many life experiences!" She then urged everyone to believe Lau Sing and Miss Nine's true love, watch the series and learn to cherish the people in life and world peace.

Charmaine Sheh wins Most Favourite Female Character

Later when Wayne and Sheren were interviewed backstage, the two happily expressed they won together creating history is extremely rare! As No Regrets lost the Best Series award, Wayne said: "The entire crew and cast, each one of us worked very hard, but willing to gamble willing to accept lost!" Asked if he signed a TVB contract? He said: "Not related, have to see the conditions, many factors!" Sheren expressed that this proves that the 'contract in exchange for awards' rumors does not confirm, both of them expressed that no one had approached them to talk about a contract.

Charmaine depended on Princess Chiu Yeung to win My Favourite Female Character Award, she maintained her smile on stage: "Very happy! This role is my favourite! And have to thank the group of behind-the-scenes." Asked if she was disappointed in losing the TV Queen award? She said: "I am a little disappointed, but won't be unhappy! Audience liking it is more important than winning awards. She expressed that she won't be celebrating because she has to take an early flight back to Mainland tomorrow.

Raymond Lam wrote back to thank Mona Fong

As My Favourite Male Character Award went to TVB's favourite Raymond Lam and also the TVB.com Popularity Award, asked if Mona Fong's 12 true message was in effect? Raymond said: "Then will have to count every word! (Win award again?) I'm very satisfied! Already surpass the expected!" He also expressed that he will give a written message back to Mona Fong on his Come 2 Me Concert DVD. Asked if he will write: 'No words can describe the gratefulness'? He said: "Something like that! (Afraid of more gossips?) There has always been a lot of noise." Popular Moses Chan only got Best Professional Performance Award, he smiled and said that he is not disappointed, he is a professional at comedy and making coffee, but on stage he said that "Best Actor Award is colder than water", Neitzens made noise feeling that the award was a 'pork award"! (TN: In HK, 'pork award' traditionally means that everyone gets a share of pork, hence pork award. Neitzens are saying that TVB gave Moses the award to make up for not getting any of the big awards.)

When Sandra Ng presented the Best Actor award, she stirred up the lively atmosphere and even before she looked at the results she announced that Wayne was the winner. She also said Felix Wong wanted to say "totally very best". As Felix was on the Top 5, but he insisted on a no show last night, clearly still have issues with TVB.

TVB 43rd Anniversary Awards 2010 Winners List (Source: TVB.com)

Best Actress: Sheren Tang
Best Actor: Wayne Lai

My Favourite Male Character: Raymond Lam
My Favourite Female Character: Charmaine Sheh

Best Supporting Actor: Evergreen Mak
Best Supporting Actress: Fala Chen

Most Improved Actor: Raymond Wong
Most Improved Actress: Natalie Tong

Best Series: Can't Buy Me Love
Best Variety Show: The Voice 2
Most Appreciated Variety Show: HK ARTchitecture
Best Program Host(s): Liza Wang, Wong Cho Lam, Louis Yuen, Johnson Lee (Fun With Liza and Gods)

Best Professional Performance Award: Moses Chan
tvb.com Popularity Award: Raymond Lam
Lifetime Achievement Award: Louise Lee Sze Kei

Source: Oriental Daily (Images: The Sun, ckwok's weibo)
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

Miss Hong Kong Skye Chan married with CHan Ho Yin

Skye Chan

Miss Hong Kong Skye Chan finally wed boyfriend of 8 years Chan Ho-Yin last night and they held their a 15-table wedding dinner in InterContinental HK Hotel.

Wearing sponsored jewelries that are 3 million HKD worth, Skye expressed she already cried 1 liter of tears today. She is very surprised and touched that her husband asked her idol Ekin Cheng, Joe Ma, and Jim Yan to say blessing words to her. "I can't believe my idol would congratulate me, too!," she said. She also expressed she will not use contraception after marriage and hopes to get pregnant soon.

The bride invited good sisters Samantha Ko, Janet Chow, Katy Kung, Sarah Song, and Nadia Lun to be her bridesmaids. Samantha was sexiest, exposing her 3-inch deep "career line." But Skye did not mind and she actually pick that dress for Samantha. The sexy Samantha even received the bride's bouquet Skye thrown. She said: "I do hope to get married. But I think the next person in our group to get married would be Janet!"

Source: UDN
Translation: Kay's Entertainment
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