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TVB Best Actor Award: Wayne Lai "Rosy Business"

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Last night "TVB Anniversary Awards 2009" was held in Tseung Kwan O's TVB City. TV King & Queen both went to the hot favorites Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang from "Rosy Business". "Rosy Business" overshadowed "Beyond" as they were the big winners of the night sweeping away 6 award categories.

Although before the award ceremony, Sheren was rumored to not get along with TVB executive Virgina Lok making her favor Charmaine Sheh more, which would have made Sheren disappointed once again since 2004. However, last night when Sheren made her acceptance speech, she broke away from the rumors by thanking Ms. Lok as well.

Sheren Tang's acceptance speech

Sheren said: "Thank you to all my colleagues, I am really happy. Thank you TVB, Ping Wai, Stephen Chan, Virgina Lok. Thank you Mrs. Tsang for giving me such a great role for me to portray and for believing in me. Every time I attend award ceremonies, there are always many rumors. I want to say that TVB doesn't need me to sign a long contract and still give me good series to film, this is what I'm most pleased about. I thank all the friends, Netizens and all viewers for supporting me. Thank you Producer for not finding me annoying for always asking why, thank you Tim Gor for the good script, it's the first time he used me. I thank all of the scriptwriters!"

Sheren calmly talked about her feelings for winning the awards backstage, she said: "I am really happy, I got all the awards that I hoped to get. The series and Tim Gor both got awards also. Tonight female cast members all wore white, while the male cast wore black. We didn't plan this out before, it was such a coincidence. Thank God!" In response to Sheren becoming the new TV Queen, Netizens wrote online: "Long Live 4th Mistress!"

Wayne Lai's acceptance speech

Depending on the single role "Chai Gau", Wayne Lai won 3 awards including the TV King title. He first went to embrace Sheren on stage before accepting his award, he said: "I am really nervous. Thank you TVB and Boss for giving us artistes a platform to dream. Have entered the industry for so long, I have never thought about getting award, I thank all my colleagues. Thank you Stephen Chan, your praises are my encouragement. I have to clarify that Mrs. Virgina Lok has never forced me to sign a contact. I thank Catherine Tsang for bringing be back into TVB back then. She told me: 'Come back to acting', actually I have always been acting, but not many people watched me. If there wasn't you, there won't be me today. I hope to share my honor with the three most important people in my life: My mother, Wife and My Son."

Tavia gets too emotional and cries

Tavia Yeung admitted backstage that she was quite emotional and couldn't help but cry, she said: "It was very surprising. I couldn't believe it, I really wanted to get this award and it proves that I got acceptance from the public. This is my first villain role, so this award really is especially meaningful, I am happy that it is now confirmed. I wanted to win the Best Actress, but I also do support Sheren."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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