Senin, 14 Desember 2009

Cindy Yen love to play American Football

cindy yen

Cindy Yen returned alone from Texas, USA to Taiwan to enter into the music industry. So far, her music company has shown her as a talented musician but she laughed and replied that while she do indeed love music, she’s actually even more of a sports person. During her university time, she secretly took part in American football, bowling, softball, volleyball and various other sports behind her mothers’ back. She even proudly declared that “I once broke my little finger while playing basketball and ended up having to play single-handed in my piano exams. The professor still gave me high marks!”

Cindy Yen’s parents are very strict and from young, her parents have set that she must practice piano for at leat 1 hour everyday. Her mom was very worried about her damaging her hands and would object to her going skating or taking part in outdoor activities with her classmates. When she started dating in university though, her first boyfriend was a fan of various kinds of sports and initially, she would just “follow her love” and cheer him on from the sidelines. In the end, she started to know those types of sports and her liking for sports was nurtured.
She humorously revealed that she originally secretly played ball behind her mother’s back and innocently thought that she was far away from the “emperor” and will not get discovered. After she broke her little finger though, she ended up having to admit to playing sports. “I couldn’t not tell her cause its costly to see the doctor and my insurance is signed under my mom’s name.” Her mom sympathised with her and actually didn’t scold her. She thus fell even more deeply in love with sports and was even selected for the American football team.

After Cindy returned to Taiwan, she could bring along her precious music scores as her lucky items but her addiction to sports is hard to settle. Its hard for her to find a suitable location. Recently, she has been finding colleagues to go bowling with her and they secretly revealed that “She will use a 14 pound bowling ball. When she plays, she will appear very fierce and its really boyish like.”

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