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Taiwan Barbie Xu in red hot dress in Nanjing

Barbie Xu

Just one day after Christmas, DaS Barbie Xu, attended to a Macalline event as their ambassador in Nan Jing. On that day, she wore a red dress revealing her back, and DaS kept on smiling seductively. On Christmas Day, in NAn Jing, she stated that it was the first time she spent Christmas in such a cold place, it made her very excited. But about facing couples everywhere on Christmas, she looked a t loss, honestly saying that she feels deeply that right now, about love, her feelings are “Love is completely about destiny, running after it will only bring failure ! ”

Leaving Love to Fate : Wishing for a family

Yesterday, when DaS appeared, a lot of people who came said : “Wahh ! She’s so gorgeous! “She was wearing a red dress, purposely spreading her charm around. Because the theme of the function was “Home Year”, it was very warm and with “family feel”, while interacting, the host especially invited 3 families up on the stage. One was a family of 3, another was a newly wed couple and the last was a couple with a pregnant wife, Das, upon seeing such a warm set, said out loud : “Having a family is so warm !”, and took XiaoS (her sister) family as an example, saying how good a life she had with 2 daughters and how happy she was right now.

DaS who had been said to have a “queen” personality, didn’t have a steady love life, right now, she is single, but DaS clearly had got used to people asking her about her love life, she smiled using her perfect answer “Every woman hope to have a good husband, to give birth to his children and raise them for him, like both my sisters, their families are both successful. I also wish to have such a family one day, but Love is something that need to rely on fate, you can’t be too impatient, always blindly running after it won’t have a good outcome, and you may even be defeated !” Of course, if you’re pretty and well known in the entertainment business, your love life will never be lonly, DaS very confidently says “I believe I will have my own happiness.”

Cold Christmas : wanting to act a role “out of the norm”

DaS had spent all her previous Christmas in Hong Kong, Taiwan, such warm places. But this Christmas, the first thing she said after landing in Nan Jing was that she never had seen such a cold christmas ! She was very surprisingly excited about this fact , ” Actually, a Christmas should be cold, that fits mmore the feeling of it, this time I finally could find such a feeling in Nan Jing, it’s so exciting ! ” Because of that, DaS purposedly asked the dirver to take her on a tour of the city. DaS, being known for being good at keeping her looks, despite knowing that Nan Jing had very good dishes, she only had a vegetarian meal in a restaurant for her christmas dinner to keep her figure.

DaS who had been struggling to keep a good figure, has been looking more and more beautiful these past years, we could often see her on the big screen from “Connected” to “Forbidden City cops 009″, DaS had been working with hotties. Right now, the 2 movies she had participated in “Hot summer days” and “Future X Cops” she is paired up with Nick Tse and Andy Lau. But DaS still feels that she needs a complete change with the roles she performed as before, “Next year, I’ll put all my efforts on movies, I hope to act as roles out of the norm, these roles need to be multidimensional and a breakthough from all the roles I performed in the past, this is the only way to progress. Now I already received a few script, if it’s possible, next year, I’ll give the audience a big surprise !”

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