Selasa, 29 Desember 2009

Jing Wong has a courage to find a girlfriend

Jing Wong

Ever since Jing Wong has debuted, everyone has praised him for having good luck. Not only is he the first to release an album out of One Million Star 3 contestants, he also won an important role in idol drama, “Momo Love”. His popularity is still rising. At the same time, many of his seniors are helping him promote his new album. Yesterday, Show Luo used a glass box to test Jing’s bravery. As Jing’s hand was put inside the glass box, he had to guess what creepy animal was inside!

The four animals included a mouse, lizard, cricket and turtle. Before the game, Show prepared a eye-mask for Jing to wear. He only told Jing that the box had creatures that moved. Jing then became scared; as his hand moved around, he kept on yelping while his senior stood by laughing.
Show laughed: “I actually was quite nice. Since I know that Jing’s most afraid of cockroaches, I didn’t bring any to scare him. I’m not like the colleagues in our management company who wanted to see him touch cockroaches. My goal was to see whether or not Jing fit the ‘OK Man’ requirements. If he is brave, then he has the courage to find a girlfriend!”

When hearing Show bring up “cockroaches”, Jing immediately took his hand out of the box. He said: “The thing I’m most afraid of in my entire life is a cockroach!” After the game, Jing still thanked Show for taking time to support him. Show courteously expressed that no matter how many animals Jing guessed right, he would still buy his junior’s “OK Man” album.
Jing still has one more task in order. He will be dueting with senior Tiger Huang in the beginning of next year. This has let Jing become both happy and nervous for the occasion.

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