Senin, 14 Desember 2009

Ella Chen pregnant in drama Down With Love

ella chen

Idol drama “Down With love” is intensively filming in HangZhou. SHE’s comic, Ella Chen is acting as Yang Guo who dreams in the drama that she’s pregnant. Because Yang Guo gets insulted by Mommy Qi, at night she gets nightmares of becoming pregnant, and because it’s a dream, Ella had to overact very much. Before filming, she swung her big tummy here and there as she entered the set.

Her manager and assistant both protected her as her bodyguards, and upon seein the shock people get when they see her that way, she laughed hard and pulled out a watermelon from under her T-shirt : “I don’t have a tummy anymore ! I’ll treat everyone to eat watermelon ! ”

Michael Zhang played along with her even putting his ear on her stomach, faking to listen to the baby’s heartbeats.

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