Selasa, 29 Desember 2009

Jimmy Lin's baby will be a model

Jimmy Lin

At just three months old, the baby boy of Taiwanese star Jimmy Lin is already a splitting image of his good-looking celebrity father.

The round doe-eyes and chubby cheeks also, naturally, attracted the attention of several infant product companies for endorsement deals after Jimmy released photos of his son’s first-month birthday. One milk powder company had apparently offered a S$250,000 contract with father and son.

The baby’s mother, model Chen Ruoyi, who is currently resting in America, also made her first public appearance a few days ago when she attended one of her friends’ weddings. She appeared unfazed by her weight gain, and the happy couple openly joked about the subject, with her husband Jimmy jesting, “Women tend to be very unhappy after hearing such things [weight gain].”

As Jimmy is busy rehearsing and preparing with his concert performances in China, he has been communicating with his son via video conferences for the past month.

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