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Isabella Leong and her son will return Hong Kong

Isabella Leong

Isabella Leong and Hong Kong's wealthiest man Li Ka Shing's son Richard Li had been in love and on April 26th of this year, Isabella bore him a son. Because Richard was afraid that Isabella and his son would get harassed and the H1N1 outbreak, he made arrangements for them to live in Mainland. Seeing that his 7 month year old son is now experiencing a healthy growth, he decided to bring Isabella and their son back to HK in his private airplane for the Christmas holidays. Seeing Isabella living with such happiness, even good friend Charlene Choi is happy for her, but for herself she has not found her happiness yet.

Yesterday the couple sent the Media a photo of Isabella and her son, revealing the happiness. They also responded to the recent reports of Isabella and their son coming back to Hong Kong, the couple thanked everyone for their concern. Richard responded saying: "I thank every one of the Media friends for their concern. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. He also hopes that the public can give them peace and more privacy. Thanks very much!"

Charlene feels happy for Isabella

Charlene saw the photo of Isabella and felt happy for her. She and Isabella were once colleagues and had a pretty good relationship too, but now they do not keep in touch anymore. She saw the photo and felt that the Isabella she knew had gained some weight and looks like she's in great happiness. (You can too?) Charlene said that she has not found her happiness yet, although the fortune teller said she'll be a wealthy wife, but her hands are bony, which means that she'll have to count on herself for many things. However, despite this she's still happy because she'll be happier using the money she earned herself to buy things and will cherish it more. She felt that nowadays young people can get things easily, making it less precious. She will require 10 times the amount of work of a 100% before rewarding herself.

Regarding to the recent incident of the four major record companies having issues with copyright, it was said that the "big 4" wants to boycott TVB for other TV stations? Charlene said awkwardly that she has no contract with TVB and is not convenient for her to give an opinion.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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