Senin, 14 Desember 2009

Ken Chu dating girlfriend is Kelly Lin

kenchu kelly lin

Ken Chu has finally come clean on his relationship with Kelly Lin after long refuting speculations that they were seeing each other. The Taiwanese singer-actor said that his previous actions were an attempt to protect her from the media.

“Put it in this way. Regardless of whether the fact is established or not, as a man, I have the responsibility of protecting the woman. My stand is to prevent the girl from getting hurt, this is my responsibility as a man.”

He described his girlfriend to be “really good, very nice and very pretty.”

The pair was previously spotted donning matching couple pajamas when they were looking out from a window for the presence of paparazzi. Both parties later took turns giving off vague statements to dodge the press’s incessant questions on their rumoured relationship.

Asked if he had any plans to get hitched, Ken said, “I have [marriage plans] every year.”

When reporters cited Kelly’s past interview where she shared her hopes of having two children, Ken noncommittally replied, “She said that she wanted to have two children, but she did not say that she wanted to have the children with me.

“I did mention that I wanted to get married, but I did not say that I wanted to marry her. [If we say that] we are not together, it just means that we are not together!”

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