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Gallen Lo busy with wedding with Sophie Su

gallen lo sophie su

Gallen Lo and Sophie Su will be holding their glamorous wedding banquet on December 12th in Beijing RITZ-CARLTON hotel. Gallen depends on his single role in "Born Rich" to enter the race for TVB's "Best Actor Award", but marriage is just around the corner for him, Gallen is uninterested in joining the battle for the awards. The busy groom smiled and said that he hopes that his birthday on December 26th, he will receive a "baby" as a gift.

Nancy Sit, Kenneth Ma and Sharon Chan will be the representatives of the "Born Rich" cast to attend Gallen's wedding banquet. Nancy was the best one to benefit from, apart from investing her 6 figure salary on Gallen's banquet, she also got an air ticket at her own expense to attend the banquet at the hotel to show her support. The remaining cast including Jamie Chik will have to stay in Hong Kong for "Tung Wah Charity Show" performances. "Born Rich" is scheduled to broadcast a 2 episode finale on December 23rd (Sunday), the cast and crew will be meeting up to watch the finale together.

The lastest episode of "Born Rich" talked about how Gallen raped Anita Yuen, currently preparing for the wedding and busy shooting for new Mainland series "孔子", Gallen should avoid such sensitive scene. Yesterday Gallen expressed through a telephone interview that he's happy and delighted. He frankly said that being the groom marrying his bride is definitely more important than thinking about TV King. He said: "I support Wayne Lai. (Your having your weddng banquet and stealing people from TVB?) Let it flow naturally. Some of them need to stay in Hong Kong for promotions and have "Tung Wah" to work on. Of course the more people that come, the more happy I am!"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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