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Taiwan Host Patty Hou engaged to Millionaire Guy

Patty Hou

Taiwanese news anchor-turned-television host Patty Hou reportedly got engaged to a multi-millionaire named Huang over the Christmas holidays.

The rumours circulated after the pair celebrated Christmas with their families at an exclusive restaurant in Taiwan which they booked for the event.

Both Huang, 34, and Hou, 31, were educated in the United States and have been dating for months prior to the engagement.

Taiwan media reported that Huang is working in the finance industry and is the son of a construction mogul. His net worth is estimated to be over 10 billion Taiwan dollars (S$436 million). He has been described as being about 1.75 metres tall, fair-skinned, refined and fashionable.

Hou’s agent told reporters that “(Hou) has never denied having a good boyfriend, nor has she denied there will be a wedding in the near future, but it’s really not so soon’, adding that “the company will not stop her from having a secret wedding”.

Before her relationship with Huang, Hou was in a high profile romance with popular Taiwanese singer Jay Chou in 2005. She had even said in an interview that they got along so well that there was talk of marriage.

Unfortunately, the Chou-Hou pairing was not to be. Hou announced that they broke up in September 2006, after being together for more than a year.

When asked about his ex-girlfriend’s rumoured engagement, Chou, who was on tour to promote his new film “The Treasure Hunter” said, “I can answer but can this not be the headline?”

However, his publicist stopped him before he could comment on the matter.

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