Selasa, 22 Desember 2009

Koni Lui as angry ghost in horror movie

Koni Lui

Koni Lui started out working in television but has recently been participating in movie productions. In the new movie (惡胎) she plays a pregnant woman who has a miscarriage. However the dead baby suddenly turns into an angry ghost and haunts her. Koni exposed that the most memorable part in the shooting was having to vomit 10 times. She said "At first I was pretending to be sick, but after seeing the fake sick I began to vomit for real because it looked disgusting".

As Koni is playing a pregnant woman she will not apply makeup and look plain. This is different to her usual pretty roles. She said "Pretty or not it doesn't matter, most important is that its relevant for the storyline". In the movie she will encounter many children ghosts, the reporter asked if she gets along with children? "No problem, I am really good at making them happy. They love playing with me".

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