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Queenie buys outfit in Causeway Bay shopping

queenie chu

The "TVB Anniversary Award Ceremony" will be held tonight. Queenie Chu is nominated for "Most Improved Actress" for her performances in (The Gem of Life) and (You're Hired). It is the first time she has been nominated at the awards. In the last 3 years she states that there has been bitter and sweet times. Being slowly accepted by the audience and receiving approval. She feels very satisfied. She said "In the last 3 years I have done my best in portraying all my roles. What I find most memorable was injuring myself for being too determined. But now I feel it was all worth it".

The reporter asked Queenie if she has confidence in winning the award? She replied "I certainly will have confidence in myself but it's not that important whether I receive the award or not. To be nominated is already an approval".

Praises Aimee Chan improving

Aimee Chan is a hot favourite to receive the award. Queenie also praised Aimee having big improvement. She said "Because we worked together in (Off Pedder) I can see she has improved a lot. She has coped very well with the language difficulty and you can see she has improved".

In addition, Queenie was discovered in Causeway Bay shopping. She went inside brand store Jean Paul Gaultier to find a outfit. She was mainly focusing on elegant evening gowns. It is believed that she was finding her outfit for the award ceremony. She was attracted to the red evening gown in the window display. It looks like it could be for a stroke of luck.

Source: On.cc
Translation: matchbox @ http://illusive-serenity.forumotion.net

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