Selasa, 22 Desember 2009

Ron Ng and Yumiko Cheng in Christmas Eve

Ron Ng

Ron Ng
was recording for "Starry Kitchen" yesterday. He was talking about the joy of cooking in the kitchen. He revealed that to be able to cook is one of the criteria as his future wife. This is because he can save money hiring a maid to cook. Ron disclose that he never thought of being chef as he doesn't like the grease and smoke. He said " If my wife can cook, we don't need to spend money hiring a servant." Ron said that he cooks occasionally and once he cooked seafood for his ex girlfriend. He hardly cooks now as he hasn't got a girlfriend at the moment. He does however buys lamb belly pot to take it home to cook "Hot Pot".

Ron will be spending Christmas Eve with Yumiko Cheng on the plane tomorrow. They are going to Chicago to do a show. The weather is very cold in Chicago and he is worried that his flight maybe delayed due to the bad weather. The reporter reminded him that Yumiko has a boyfriend already, Ron replied "In 2009, she was singing with me on the same stage." He also told reporter that he had worked with Yumiko earlier on at a charity event. It is good that they are working together again and he will get her a Christmas present too.

Source: Wenweipo/Takunpao(image)
Translator: Hokkien128 @
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