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Hong Kong beautiful Linda Chung has a flat chest

Linda Chung Steven ma

Steven Ma and Linda Chung were promoting TVB up coming new series "A Watchdog's Tale" at the Olympian City" yesterday. Steven was worried that viewers may complain about him in the series. He told reporter "I play the role of someone who uses foul language, in particular, I often tease and make fun of Linda Chung's figure. I was worried that it may get censored, but it was not cut." Steven revealed that he had used the phrase like "flat chest" to describe Linda, but it was not meant to put woman down. This is the role he plays and he hopes viewers treat that as a comedy.

Talking about the dispute between TVB and the record companies, Linda said "I am not familiar with the way a company operates. I am not hoping to increase my chance of winning an award because of the dispute. My record sales have been good this year, I have reached "Golden" status last week. My song was top of the chart even before the dispute. I am very confident of winning an award in the future and I hope this dispute will be resolved soon"

Source: MingPao
Translator: Hokkien128 @

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