Selasa, 29 Desember 2009

Ethan Ruan kiss Mark Zhao in film Monga

Ethan Ruan Mark Zhao

Ethan Ruan & Mark Zhao have become good friends after filming ‘Monga’ together but yesterday, Xiao S asked: “If in next year’s Golden Horse Awards, Mark Zhao wins Film King again, and then the camera is aimed at Ethan this time, will it be awkward?” But Ethan replied very calmly: “Then let him win, and anyways who said I won’t win an award within 20 years?”

Directir Niu yesterday took his gang Ethan Ruan, Mark Zhao, Feng Xiao Yue & Huang Deng Hui on ‘Kang Xi Lai Le’ to promote their new film. Ethan revealed that before filming of ‘Monga’, he once acted very violent on the streets and even had a fight with some hotel princes. He said that, that time, he saw a BMW M3 illegally parked on the sidewalk, so complained to his manager. Unexpectedly, the 2 people in the car did the fingers at him, and even punched him. At first, Ethan used his hands to cover his face, only after many punches did he retaliate, and the 3 people started a huge fight. Afterwards, Ethan investigated their license plate, and found out that the 2 actually worked at a hotel. Director Niu advised him: “When a wild dog on the street bites you, there’s no need to bite back.” And hence, Ethan gave up seeking justice.

4 years ago, Mark’s character in the film was set for Jay Chou to play. And compared with Ethan, Mark is more the ‘good boy’ type. In the past, Xiao S has swooped down at Mark many times, but yesterday she said it’s because “Ethan has a girlfriend.” To everyone’s surprise, Director Niu immediately revealed: “But Mark has one too.” Yesterday, Cai Kang Yong made the 2 kiss, and Ethan’s feeling was: “Very familiar.” And he even said that his lips were completely enclosed. Xiao S also complained to Director Niu saying: “Why didn’t you get me to play the prostitute?” saying that Ke Jia Yan doesn’t have the right temperament to play one.

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