Selasa, 22 Desember 2009

Bernice Liu, Raymond Lam and Joe Ma celebrated early Christmas

Raymond Lam Joe Ma

Bernice Liu, Raymond Lam and Joe Ma are good friends and they are also under the same manager. The three of them were having an early Christmas celebration at a hotel restaurant. The chef had prepared a special Christmas dinner for them, but they couldn't wait for all the dishes to come out, they have started eating already. The two guys even fought to get the oyster. Bernice was amazed.

Bernice revealed that her sister is expecting her baby to be born on Christmas day and she is looking forward for her delivery. Raymond wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and he will be relaxing with friends. Bernice said she may be working in the mainland, but she will find time to be with him. Daddy Joe said he will take his family out to show everybody.

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