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Power Chan Mimi Lo Gets Married

power chan mimi lo

Power Chan and Mimi Lo ended their 7 year love race and held a two night wedding banquet in Sha Tin. Last night, they invited many of their good friends from the entertainment circle to attend the banquet. Power pinned a HELLO KITTY figure to his chest admitting that he has married Mimi Lo. Turns out that Hello Kitty is her favorite. Speaking of during the oath of love, there were no taboos, Power said: "I will take care of her until she leaves this world!"

Power and Mimi hosted a 20 and 22 table wedding banquet at a hotel in Sha Tin last night and tonight respectively. They invited good friends from the industry, family and relatives, this afternoon they will be officially signing the documents for marriage. Yesterday the artistes who attended the banquet include Liza Wang, Charmaine Sheh, Maggie Cheung, Roger Kwok and his wife Cindy Au, Felix Wong, Sharon Chan, Derek Kwok, Joel Chan and many more. Their wedding banquet were full of stars!

During the wedding cake cutting part, the pair of lovers were dressed in their wedding attire and the funniest thing was that Power Chan was dressed as Prince Charming with a HELLO KITTY figure attached to his chest. Mimi laughed and said: "Hello Kitty is my favorite, I forced him to wear it." Power said in response: "Don't say force, It's just that I like to accommodate her." During the time, Mimi started getting a runny nose, Power attentively took good care of his new wife. Asked if Mimi couldn't hold in her tears? She said: "When we were rehearsing, I already felt like crying. When it was official, I started crying!"

Definitely will cry

Speaking of the oath of love, Power who had always been quiet, finally broke the slience: "This isn't to be said today, at this moment. It had already been said when I made the decision, I will take care of her until she leaves this world. Although it sounds sad, but we agree that letting the other party leave first is more comfortable. " Mimi said: "You have to take good care of your health, if its not you leaving first, then it's me.... ah choi! Today we shouldn't be saying these things."

Already gone on honeymoon

The couple expressed that after marriage, they will only be resting for a few days before going back to work. They smiled and said that earlier they went to Japan to shoot wedding pictures and considered that as their honeymoon.

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