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Chris Lai was rumoured dating with Tavia Yeung

chris lai

Chris Lai was rumoured dating with Tavia Yeung. He laughed and explained that all the pictures were actually taken when they were filming series last time. He is close with Tavia Yeung and the family in the series and he always go out for meals with Linda Chung, Fala Chen, Claire Yiu and other female friends. He said, “I will not avoid her. This is not something that I should hide. (How is your relationship with her?) I will place my career at the first place.” Tavia Yeung’s sister Griselda Yeung came back to work after her postnatal. When asked whether she has confidence on her sister to win Best Actress award, she laughed and said that Sheren Tang and Charmaine Sheh did pretty well too.

Source: Oriental Daily
Credits: Jessie's Blog

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