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Autumn’s Concerto Xiao Xiao Bin kisses Ady An

xiao xiao bin

TTV and SETTV’s Idol drama “Autumn’s Concerto” has been having great ratings, almost breaking 6 last week, not only the plot has been getting more and more exciting but it also fired up netizens discussions! Among them, Xiao Le (by Xiao Xiao Bin) is the one who got the most attention, many fans noticed that in the drama he been “flirting” a lot with little girlfriend Tang Tang, saying he is very skilled in chasing girls; and the other thing that made them envious is that Xiao Xiao Bin was very lucky, he even got the chance to kiss Ady An on the mouth!

2 years ago, a fortune teller read the future for Xiao Xiao Bin, saying that he would be famous from 4 to 19 years old, and unexpectedly, this year, he successfully got accepted for “Autumn Concerto” and CTV and GTV’s ” Down with Love”, and now, 3 more advertisements ware waiting for him; he’ll even go to Mainland to film a drama before CNY.

Xiao Xiao Bin got very popular; now, he is even his father’s restaurant’s living shop sign, many customers went there to eat only for his sake!

Now, he is the most well-paid child star.

In the drama, Xiao Xiao Bin and Ady rely on each other, sharing weal and woe, his cuteness and sensibility made many love him, last week, he who had always wanted to have a father, said to Vanness Wu:

“I know you are not my dad, I also know my dad is not an Alien” it looked like child talk but it was also the most honest and deep feelings he expressed, making the fans watching crying and smiling at the same time, supporting him to be registered as next year’s “best supporting actor”.

Other than that, Xiao Xiao Bin also had a little girlfriend in the drama, Tang Tang, the 2 flirting with each other made netizens could not help but joke: “Xiao Le is picking up girls!”

No matter if it’s in or out the drama, Ady and Xiao Xiao Bin share a very deep mother and son love, the 2 very often kiss on the mouth, making the fans enviously say : “He is so young but got such good advantages ! He kissed so many big stars, I also want to !”

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