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Gary Chao won six awards in TVB8 Golden Chart

Gary Cao

2009’s last significant award ceremony, TVB8’s Golden Chart Awards was held on 12/20. Gary Cao was undoubtedly in the center of attention during the entire ceremony and also the biggest winner that night. He swept six awards, including “Best Golden Melody”, “Best Composition”, “Best Produced Song”, “Best Songwriter-Singer”, “Most Popular Male Singer” and last but not least, the Gold Award for “TVB8’s Golden Melody Charts”. These six awards not only fulfilled his wish made two years ago, they also proved Gary’s musical strengths and his wide popularity.

Near the end of the ceremony, Gary Cao was still nervous even though he had already won 5 awards. When he went up to claim the Gold Award, he was still very surprised. On stage, he said: “I was so nervous that my stomach still hurts.” When he was giving his thank-you speech, he was touched to the point of no words. His eyes were brimming with tears as he couldn’t stop but thank his Hong Kong fans for their support. “This time, winning these awards is another accomplishment to me. I really thank the Hong Kong music industry and media for giving me this confirmation!” He also hoped to come to the awards ceremony every year after; he wanted to come and participate even without winning any awards.

Ever since winning the Gold Award in 2006 for “TVB8’s Best Male Newcomer”, it can be said that Gary has always topped the charts. Every year, he has received more and more awards; he has already claimed “TVB8’s Best Songwriter-Singer” and the Gold Award for “TVB8’s Golden Melody” for three years in a row. His ability to win so many awards in consecutive years proves his performing and songwriting talents. Therefore, it is quite regular for singers to ask for a song from him. Zhang Yun Jing, who just won TVB8’s “Best Newcomer” award, went up to her idol to request for a song and hoping for a chance to work together. Even the host wanted a song from Gary.

Later when reporters asked for Gary’s plans for next year, he replied: “I’ll soon continue a concert tour and work hard at making music.” Before the awards ceremony, Gary had already held a news conference for his concert tour. It is confirmed that he will begin the tour on February 6, 2010 in Macau. Tickets will start selling on December 28th. Andy Lau’s sons Andox and box will have a dance battle with Gary during his concert. There will also be concert stops in California. At the same time, Gary is having talks about acting in a movie. He hopes to have a chance to portray an aggressive character so that everyone can see a different Gary Cao. As for the new year, he has already been confirmed to appear on Hunan TV’s New Year concert.

Gary Cao was overjoyed as he went back to the hotel. He humbly said that he would continue making good music in order to not disappoint everyone’s expectations. After overcoming many trials, Gary Cao has already dedicated much of his time to music. The rest of his time is spent towards his family. He hoped to share his joy with his family and friends and spend Christmas for the very first time in Hong Kong. Later on, he will continue his busy schedule.

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