Senin, 14 Desember 2009

Taiwan boyband 5566 will break up


5566’s Sam Wang, Tony Sun, and J-Star boss Sun De-Rong goes on “Kangxi Lai Le” to promote new group Magic 1+1.

J-Star Entertainment’s idol group 5566 is on the verge of break-up? Members of 5566 have been working on individual activities in the recent years; Zax Wang and Jason Hsu are busy with hosting duties, Tony Sun has shifted his focus to Mainland China, while Sam Wang is looking after his food business. Despite not working together as a group, Tony Sun stated that there are no concerns on breaking up. However, J-Star boss Sun De-Rong confirmed that their contracts will expire at the end of this year.

Sun De-Rong recently went on CtiTV “Kangxi Lai Le” along with Tony Sun and Sam Wang to promote J-Star’s new group Magic 1+1. When asked about 5566’s contract issues, Tony Sun reaffirmed that he will be staying with J-Star. Sam Wang echoed his sentiment and said that Sun De-Rong is still his boss. When “Kangxi” host Xiao S asked if they were still under contracts, Sam Wang answered ambiguously, “Yes, for this month!” However, Sun De-Rong admitted that 5566’s contract will only last till the end of this year.

J-Star Entertainment is known to be very sensitive about their artists’ love life. They prohibit artists to date within the company, and are strongly against idols from having relationships. However, Sun De-Rong reacted uncharacteristically when expressing his views this time, “I hope Tony Sun gets marry soon, and have his own children in the future.” Nevertheless Tony Sun avoided the topic like he did previously and said, “I don’t watch variety shows or read the newspapers. I only watch the sports channel.”

The “Virgin Prince” also happened to be on the same show and impressed J-Star boss Sun De-Rong.

While promoting Magic 1+1, Sun De-Rong also expressed interest in the “virginal” Jing Wong. He would like to sign him and put him a new group. Since Sun De-Rong has a liking for putting idol groups together, host Xiao S suggested that he should consider creating an all-virgin boy group, and said that it will probably be tougher to find (virgins) then magicians to be idol singers.

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