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Talks of Stephen Chow's retirement dispelled

stephen chow

Following the resignation of many close partners and friends from his company, the exclusive spokesperson for Stephen Chow, Wei Dasen, announced his coming resignation a few days ago. As Chow recently rejected the opportunity to direct and act in the Hollywood production of The Green Hornet, talk is that the famous comedian might be retiring soon to concentrate on his property business.

As Chow's spokesperson, Wei made an official press announcement a few days ago that his resignation will take effect from 15 August onwards. Wei also stated that he will concentrate on building up his new career. The recent departure of his many close partners sparked off rumours of Chow's retirement plans.

As he is still Chow's spokesperson, Wei stepped forth and dispelled the rumours, "Everyone please do not worry. Stephen will not change careers and is currently discussing about an animated film for CJ7 with other companies. This can also be considered as one of his future work plans. Stephen is also currently in America discussing about some movies. How can he be retiring or changing professions?"

Wei continued to reveal that the Chinese star has been busy with his booming property business. Apart from retirement speculations, the media also reported that Chow's partners have left the company due to various disputes at work. However, these partners have started to step out and defend Chow. They explained that Chow have been continuously encouraging them to take up and try out for other good projects.

Tian Qiwen, one of Chow's ex-working partner said that it is not Chow's style to film a movie just because he wanted to produce one. Chow is said to produce his work based on his own inspirations and will not make do with anything lesser. Apart from Tian, Danny Chan also spoke up, "Everyone is merely leaving Chow's company. There are no dispute or unhappiness. I have been brainstorming with Chow for some new movie ideas. If there is a good script, I will definitely want to work together with him again."

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