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Eason Chan:This nonsense rumor has to stop

Eason Chan

There have been rumors that Eason Chan and Kay Tse are having an affair recently. The other night the two arrived at the a function separately. Kay stayed with her husband Louis Cheung all evening to prevent more media gossips. Eason told the reporters angrily that it is a nonsense, saying "I suspect someone made it up on purpose."

There were over 100 artists attended the function, including Jacky Cheung, Alan Tam, Miriam Yeung, Joey Yung and Charlene Choi etc. Eason and Kay work for the same music company, but they arrived at the function separately so that reporters could not take pictures of them being seen together. Moreover, Kay was by her husband's side all evening, showing people that they are still a loving couple.

Eason told reporters "It is a nonsense to suggest that rumor, we are just friends. At first I didn't mind that much, after all its only gossip, but it is getting out of hand now, and it MUST stop, this joke is getting to far. (It was rumored that Denise Ho started it.) I am sure she didn't."

After Kay left the cocktail party, she went straight to do a show in Wan Chai, wearing a bare back dress. She also told reporters "I am sure someone had created this rumor on purpose, it has to stop." Reporter made a remark that this love saga has involved 5 people, Kay sounded deflated saying "Nonsense, this is not news anymore, it is a made up story, like a TV series, no feel."

Hilary Tsui, Eason's wife attended the promotion activity for Bertolucci the other night. Reporter asked her will she mind if Eason and Kay go abroad together, Hilary stopped and replied "That depends where they are going. Aren't they worried people may take their pictures together." Hilary stated that after she was married, no one dared chase after her, she smiled and said "Who dares to challenge "Song God"

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