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Andy Lau reveals himself: Carol Chu is pregnant

Andy Lau

Andy Lau & Carol Chu’s 24-year relationship was exposed after they were seen holding hands in public. Now, there are further rumours suggesting that they had already registered for marriage last year on the 23rd of June. Yesterday, Andy posted on his ‘Andy’s World’ blog site, first posting up an entry titled ‘I’m sorry’, expressing his apologies. Later, he indirectly confirmed the marriage rumour; at 9:27pm, he posted another entry titled ‘A belated confession’, and threw another bombshell: Carol Chu is pregnant.

Yesterday noon, while Andy was in Zhe Jiang, he took some time out to post on his ‘Andy’s World’ blog site. He expressed: “I am ashamed that I did not keep my promise in telling everyone first, embarrassing my family, friends, and media friends who trusted me, I’m sorry.. I’m currently busy with work, and can’t make a statement, but I will explain everything soon - Andy.”

A belated confession; confirming marriage & pregnancy rumours

Later that night, Andy posted another entry titled ‘A belated confession’, and he revealed: “… I thought that I could wait until everything goes smoothly, and the fetal is stable, before telling everyone, but now I have made things even more complicated…” It seems he is hinting at the truth, which is; in order to accommodate Carol’s old-age pregnancy, which was in accordance to the Fertility Act in Hong Kong, they decided to register for marriage in America.

Andy’s boss Peter Lam also confirmed the marriage rumours; Andy is currently working in China, the night before yesterday, he did a show recording in Hang Zhou, and he danced and sung on the stage. Yesterday, he filmed a MV outdoors, and was completely invested in the role of an artist, and did not affected by his private life being prominently reported.

Source: Liberty Times
Translation: Sarah @ AsianFanatics

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