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Sandy Lau : I am not a lesbian

sandy Lau

Miss Hong Kong Sandy Lau, Germaine Li and Candy Yuen went to Luk Fok Jewellery to collect their wining prizes yesterday. They bumped into Pauline Yeung (Miss HK 1987).

There have been media reports that the quality of this year's Miss Hong Kong is below standard. Sandy Lau was reported having a "broke back" relationship with Winnie Ma. Talking about a magazine recently reported that Candy has expressed her love to Sandy in the internet, Sandy responded "I am used to it, this kind of reports have been around for 3 months now. I know Candy didn't express her love in the net, we are all good friends, there is no "Broke Back" relationship between us. (Will you two develop an affair?) I am not a lesbian, I like the opposite sex." (But Candy said she won't rule out liking females?) That I don't know, we never talked about it." (Do you fancy her?) Noway, I will never fancy a girl."

Sandy said "I never wrote such thing in the internet. I only said I missed Sandy as a friend. I like her being open and friendly. I was expressing my friendship to her, she likes guys, so do I." Sandy also disclosed that she fancies a male worker, and the rest of the contestant all know about it. I can only say at the moment I am not a lesbian, but I can't guarantee that in 10 or 20 years time."

Sandy accepted an interview yesterday, talking about the report that Sandy has plastic surgery, Sandy responded quickly "Do you think I am Michael Jackson?" Sandy was being criticized after making such remark. She posted in the internet to apologize to MJ's family and his supporters, saying "I'm sorry! I didn't mean it, hope you forgive me."

Source: MingPao
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