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Jade Kwan may have to postpone her wedding

jade kwan tvb actress

October bride Jade Kwan accepted an interview by a radio station yesterday. She was giving out wedding cake vouchers too. There were rumors that she and Nikki Chow do not get along, but Jade said that she will give Nikki the wedding cake voucher and will invite Nikki for her wedding party held in Hong Kong in November. Jade revealed that she has three shows in September, after that she will have two weeks to organize her wedding which is planned for the 3rd or 4th Sunday in October in Bali. Ten of her relatives hasn't been able to book their return flight yet, she may have to postpone the wedding if they can't get their flight tickets. Jade has ordered her wedding dress online and she will be wearing the traditional chinese wedding gown too. She told reporter "I may regret it if I don't wear the chinese wedding gown. My mother and mother-in-law will not be wearing the chinese costume. (How about your husband?) he won't be wearing the chinese wedding costume either. I am hoping my guests will be in swim wear, there is no need to be formal."

Jade disclosed that they will not go for honeymoon straight after the wedding because it would be too cold in Paris. The honeymoon will be delayed till next spring. Jade is organizing a party in November in Hong Kong and will be inviting many singers including Miriam Yeung, Gigi Leung, Theresa Fu, Vincy Chan and Wong Cho Lam etc.

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