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Fahrenheit's fans donate 3.5tonnes' worth of relief items

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The passing of Typhoon Morakot is inarguably one of the worst disasters to hit Taiwan in the past 50 years. Celebrities from all over Asia including Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China are actively rallying the public for more donations to aid the suffering victims.

Taiwanese pop idol group, Fahrenheit, earnestly appealed to their fans for help and donations when they got wind of the devastating news. Inspired by their appeals, their appeals for help were met with an overwhelming response from their fans. Their generous donations were enough to fill three large lorries, with as much as 3.5tonnes of relief items donated over a course of just five days.

In response to the active donations made by their fans, band member Aaron Yan expressed, "There are many overseas fans who are unable to donate relief-items. They have been leaving messages on discussion boards in hopes that the company can help them with it. Actually, everyone can make donations to the Red Cross foundation or the World Vision organization."

Apart from taking time off to participate in the televised fundraiser event, the four-member group each bought 50 boxes of daily necessities for the affected Taiwanese citizens. The group also decided to donate the profits made from their Taipei concert to the relief fund.

"This fundraising activity has really touched me. I hope everyone can continue to make donations and help successfully rebuild the lives of these victims," said Jiro Wang. In appreciation for their fan's unyielding support, Fahrenheit promised to present fans with an exciting and spectacular concert for their Nanjing concert in the Olympic stadium on September 5.

Source : Yahoo!Singapore,

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