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Charmaine Sheh will get married as soon as she meets her Mr. Right

Charmaine Sheh

The first "Hong Kong Exhibition Trend" was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center yesterday. Charmaine Sheh and Skye Chan were guest of honor for the ribbon cutting opening ceremony.

Charmaine disclosed that since she entered the entertainment industry, she had never been to such a grand exhibition. This is because she is worried that people may recognize her. Reporter asked if she has sacrificed her personal freedom now? Charmaine said she has little time to spend with her family and definitely no time for dating too. She understands that there should be balance between the two, if she meets her Mr. Right whom she loves, she will get married very quickly. Charmaine revealed that she won't retire from the entertainment industry, but she may reduce her work load.

Speaking about Suki Tsui who has to get married due to her pregnancy, Charmaine responded by saying that if it is true, she congratulates her whole heartedly. On the topic of the rumor that Wong Hei and Kevin Cheng do not get along, Charmaine stated that she did not watch "Burning Flme III", but she had worked with Wong Hei before. The reporter reminded her that there was rumor that Wong Hei likes to change the lines, Charmaine said the film was very short and Wong Hei did not change her lines. Talking about Kevin has been in the entertainment industry for 16 years, and this is the first time he is accused of not getting along with other artist, Charmaine smiled and said "There will always be the first time and he is a bit late for that. Anyway, that is an experience for him. I have many rumors about me not getting along with other artists, like Sonija Kwok and Shirley Yeung too, but I take it as a publicity."

Source: Takungpao
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