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Miriam Yeung has confidence in herself

miriam yeung hong kong actress

Miriam Yeung was wearing a low cut purple evening gown in "Summer pop live HK" the other night. When she sang "Mr.Right" there were couples in wedding costume dancing on stage, expressing her feelings of waiting for her Mr.Right. Miriam told reporter she has to thank the company who had created that theme for her. Miriam said "It costs money to hire the wedding gown, I thank everyone for their concern." Miriam went on to say that she was working on a music video the other day, she was told she would be the chauffeur, but when she got there, she saw so many people in wedding gowns, just like a wedding dress exhibition.

The reporter asked Miriam if she is under pressure to get married, she smiled and say no, "In fact, the pressure is on Mr. Lai (Leon) as I had to introduce him to the show, it is not me." The reporter went on to ask if she has found her Mr. right ? Miriam said the Mr. right in her song refers to her happiness, not a person. At the moment, the only thing she is happy about is for the property market to go up. Asked if Real Ding is her Mr. Right? Miriam said she doesn't know, there is no guarantee, she can only guarantee for herself that she is in good health as she has problem with her vocal cord, and finding it slow to recover.

The reporter went on to ask if Real is worried about her? Miriam said her parents are worried about her due to the fact that her voice box has been taken a long time to recover. Eason Chan had recommended her for acupuncture, she had that for 10 days. Talking about the rumor of Eason and Kay Tse, Miriam said she it is none of her business. The reporter reminded her that the rumor says Eason and Kay always chat in MSN, Miriam replied "How do you find out? Is there a ghost around?" Miriam said she is an Ox in the Chinese Zodiac, she will have a lot of problems this year, her health is affected too, it is better that she doesn't talk too much."

Source: Takungpao
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