Sabtu, 15 Agustus 2009

Aimee Chan will give birth and adopt children too

Aimee Chan

In TVB series "Burning Flame III" Aimee Chan and Bosco Wong get married because of the unexpected pregancy. In real life Aimee refuses to be a single mom and said "It's best to get married first then have children. That way it will be perfect for the family. Also I hope to adopt a child as well as have my own. There are so many children being abandoned in this world and its very pityful".

(Will you worry that your future husband will not accept adopting a child?) "Sponsoring a child nowadays is a very normal thing. I feel that if we were to be together he should have similar thoughts. I believe that my future husband will accept adopting children". Aimee who is full of love has sponsored 2 children for many years. She laughed and said time has gone by in a flash as the children are already over 10 years old.

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