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Raymond Lam performed in Vietnam with 10 local models as backing group

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Raymond Lam was in Vietnam performing a mini concert with a full house of 5000 seats. He is the only Hong Kong singer to have performed in Vietnam after Leon Lai 15 years ago. The stage decoration and the lighting were exactly the same as the one in Hong Kong with seats on either side of the stage, making him feel like home.

However, this concert had not got the "Wet" theme, but Raymond had organized 10 local models as the backing singers. Raymond even sang "Remember to forget" with his fans who can only speak Vietnamese and English, but they had learned the song in Cantonese specially for him. Raymond was very happy and was touched.

After the concert, Raymond had an autograph session which attracted over 200 fans who went crazy over him. They surrounded him and followed his around, some even followed him back to the hotel afterwards. There were fans from Singapore and Malaysia and they flew all the way to Vietnam to support him as well as giving him some souvenirs.

Talking about Raymond being the only one from Hong Kong to perform a concert in Vietnam after 15 years, He was very excited and expressed that he is very fortunate having to opportunity to perform there as he hasn't been to Vietnam before. At first, he was worried about not many people would turn up, but when he stood on the stage and saw all seats were occupied, he was very excited. Raymond hopes he will come again. Speaking about the landslides in Taiwan, he was worried about the local fans there. Some of his fans have already told him they were safe through the internet and Raymond himself also donated some money for that.

Source: Takunpao/Wenweipo/MingPao(image)
Translator: R.E.D @

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