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Jacky Cheung is a good father and a a good husband

Jacky Cheung

Jacky Cheung, one of the "Four Heavenly Kings" attended an activity in a radio station the other evening wearing a grey suit. He didn't make any comment when he was asked about Andy and Carol's relationship. In fact, Jacky is the first person to get married among the "Four Heavenly Kings". Andy and Jacky take their love life very seriously; 23 years ago, Jacky met his wife May May (羅美薇) after working on the film "My Infatuation" (痴心的我). May May gave up her potential entertainment career to be the woman behind Jacky. They got married in 1996 and had two daughters. Jacky used to take the girls to school and to the park when they were young and was considered as 湊女公. He is well known as a good father and a good husband.

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