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Leon Lai and Gaile Lok secretly married a year and a half ago

Leon Lai

March of last year, Oriental Daily discovered that Leon Lai and Gaile Lok officially registered for marriage in Maldives. At the time the couple denied to such thing, but paper cannot cover fire (secrets cannot be covered), yesterday it was finally exposed that they were married on March 9th of last year in Las Vegas, United States. This proves that the exclusive was accurate. As for Andy Lau who had always been denying that he's marriage and Miriam Yeung was discovered to have secretly gotten married in Las Vegas, but the three of them kept their mouths shut yesterday.

As the saying goes: "paper cannot cover fire", the truth will eventually be exposed! Last year in March, Oriental Daily exclusively reported that Leon Lai and Gaile have already gotten married, but at the time they did not have enough evidence to prove it accurate. It was also revealed that Leon and Gaile were to hold their million dollar wedding in Maldives. Leon's father responded to the rumor and could not help but to express his sweet smile. Just based on these findings, the couple denied to such thing, while Gaile was in Taiwan for public events, she expressed: "I am not married." This year Leon held a concert and had weddings as the theme, he continued to insist his previous respond: "No, No, No."

Although Leon refused to reveal if he's married Gaile, but yesterday Reporters in the United States found something surprising at the Clark County, Nevada website. It stated that the couple arrived in Las Vegas on March 7, 2008 and registered for marriage on March 9th under the English names LEON, LAI MING and LAI GIA, proving the news discovered by Oriental Daily true. It is understood that she is a Sino-Vietnamese half-cast, that was born in Macau and, at one point, she revealed that her chinese surname was Lai, but as for why Gaile's surname was originally Lai Oriental Daily re-investigated records to find out. They found that during a period of time last year, Leon was doing public promotions for a movie, it is clear that they were in love and rushed to get married.

Early yesterday morning reporters were waiting outside the front door of Leon and Gaile's detached house in Sheung Shui, but unfortunately the involved people did not emerge. Calls to Leon's mobile phone were diverted to voice mail and, due to his inbox quickly becoming full, we were unable to leave a message. At about 6pm in the afternoon, we suddenly saw Leon driving his babysitter back home but not long after Leon drove back out with an empty car. However, he said to the reporters waiting outside, "She won't come out, you can all finish work now."

Associated artists sworn to secrecy

As we know Leon, yesterday, left very early to go filming, yet he did not let the disclosure of his marriage affect his mood, which shows just how professional he is. While the East Asian entertainment industry were responding to Andy Lau and Miriam Yeung's respective marriages, Leon decided to expose his own. He points out that apart from Andy and Miriam, there is another married artist that has yet to be made public. He also said that the reporters may as well investigate it, which totally made it obvious that he was referring to himself and Gaile.

Yesterday reporters contacted Ms.Sam, a spokesperson of Leon's record company, however, she did not reply. It seems that even associated artists Janice Wei and Charles Ying have received an "order" - that is to keep it on the down low. As for the modelling company Gaile is with, they said that, "Today we have not seen any related reports, really? We're not sure. (Not letting other models getting married?) Of course not, however, we have not heard her talk about it before. Getting married is a joyous matter, we're sure that she would say.

Celebrity Marriages in Las Vegas to avoid the eyes and ears of others [Source: Mingpao]

You can count with your fingers how many celebrities have gotten married in Las Vegas United States, its because thats where eyes and ears of others could be avoided.

Ray Lui, Kathy Chow
Dated for 3 years, in 1988 they registered for marriage in Las Vegas, but never successfully completed the registration.

Sean Lau, Amy Kwok
The two started their relationship in 1992 due to the TVB series "The Greed of Man", they dated for a short period of 2 years before officially getting married in Las Vegas on April 26, 1994.

Winnie Lau, Edmond So (from Grasshopper)
The couple was married on December 26, 1997 secretly in Las Vegas. They held their wedding banquet in 1998 in Hong Kong.

Liza Wang, Lau Kar Ying
Dated for 20 years, proposed to Liza several times and finally on May 2, 2009 they were married in Las Vegas. The couple immediately announced it to the public.

Miriam Yeung, Real Ding
Most recent couple who secretly were married in Las Vegas. August 11, 2009

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel & boo @ AEU

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