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Joey Yung accepts fate, has no fate with love

joey yung

A few days ago, Joey Yung accepted an interview from a Mainland program "The Story Behind" (背后的故事). August 3rd was Yung Mama's 50th birthday, the crew brought Joey a surprise by asking her mom to write a short letter entitled "A Letter For My Daughter" to her. When Joey opened the letter and read it, she was very touched and teared up, her tears came down like rain drops. Joey expressed in mandarin: "I have never been the sweetest daughter, but I hope that my mom could be able to see me on television wishing her a happy birthday."

Regrets not formally asking Roman for his apprenticeship

When Joey mentioned her deceased mentor Roman Tam, her tears came running down again as she said: "He told me that I had to learn my Mandarin well, the Mainland market is very important. I am extremely regretful that he passed away, we never had a formal apprentice, but I will forever remember him."

Willing to not care about anything to go love someone

Also, when she first entered the industry, people called her a pizza because she had a flat nose and face. Joey strongly stressed that she had never done cosmetic surgery: "It is a fact that I am not pretty." Although Joey's career blossomed, but her love life is still empty. She helplessly said: "I am a type of person who has no fate with love, I cannot find a nice gentlemen who really loves me. But, just if I meet a person who I have feelings for, or even if he loves me, he loves me a tad more than I love him, I will not care about anything to go for the love."

Source: Oriental Daily, Sina (image)
Translated by: aZnangel @ AEU

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