Sabtu, 29 Agustus 2009

Hacken Lee looks for white pants for carrying the "Torch"

Hacken Lee

Hacken Lee and Gigi Fu attended Prevention of Cruelty to Animals "Animal Welfare Parade,"opening ceremony yesterday. Hacken has got a Golden Retriever, he admitted that ever since his son was born, he has spent less time with his dog. He also stressed that he wouldn't give him away although the dog is isolated from his son who has sensitive skin. Hacken heard he has a part in carrying the torch, but the weather is hot and the child is too small to be under the sun, therefore he won't be seeing him carrying the torch. It is a pity because when his son grows up, he may not have a chance to see it. Hacken went on to say the organization is very strict with dress code, he will have to wear a plain white pants underneath his short because he doesn't want people to see he is wearing a "Teddy bear" pants, even worse if he is wearing "Spiderman" or "Superman" pants.

Talking about David Tsui who had passed away the other day, Hacken said he heard that he has been very ill from Alan Tam, he felt really sad. Now he heard David has died, he felt even worse. Hacken said David was a lovely guy, but he often pretended to be a wicked man. His death maybe a blessing in disguise for him because he had suffered so much for so long.

Source: Takungpo
Translator: R.E.D @

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