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David Tao’s new album was leaked, causes millions worth of loss.

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Due to the recent typhoon disaster, the release date of David Tao’s new album was disrupted. In respect to the typhoon victims, the original plan to release his new album on the 15th of this month has been postponed for two weeks. David has rushed around the two coasts to help raise funds for the disaster victims as he himself was unable to bear to see what had happened to the victims’ household. However, his new album has been leaked ahead of the release date. At the Mainland China website < All Revealed>, fans have resisted to download the album illegally. After the recent ups and downs, the release date has been brought forward to the 21st. Nevertheless, this GMA winner was estimated to have an initial loss of over millions.

Last night, David was invited to participate in the Hong Kong programme, , singing to show his support in the activities for the disaster victims. David, who had spent three years of his hard work in producing this album, felt really sad and wounded when all of his 14 new songs were available for download from the internet. He wrote on his twitter site: “This is the first time this kind of thing has happened, I don’t understand why there are such evil-hearted people, who do not respect and understand the law of property rights.” He also did not forget to thank his fans for their support and their initiative to resist in listening and downloading his album illegally.

After the show, David announced that the release date of his new album will be postponed which will affect more than 20 of his album promotion activities in the hope that he will be able to use the time available to give his best effort for the disaster victim. On the 11th, he wrote on his twitter site to his fans: “You guys might have known that the release date of my new album has been postponed and this has nothing to do with the production. We hope that we can use all the time and energy to our friends in the disaster area.”

However, to prevent more loss, the GMA winner has brought forward the releases date of his new album to the 21st. He is also going to take legal action against the illegal copies of his album on the websites.

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