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Joe Cheng reveals best friend Ethan Ruan was being mesmerized by Chen Qiao En

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Previously, Taiwanese popular idols Zheng Yuan Chang, Mike He, Chen Qiao En have made an appearance at Shanghai Century Park, attending for an event called “Meeting up with Best Friends, Trying Out Interesting Obstacles” that was organized by Kang Shi Fu Green Tea. When talking about Taiwanese idol series “Main Leading Female” Chen Qiao En, Zheng Yuan Chang reveals that his best friend Ethan Ruan was ‘mesmerized” by her, [Xiao Tian said Qiao En has a great body.]

After experiencing in the stage play performance, Zheng Yuan Chang used “learning has no limits” to describe himself in the entertainment industry: [Actor should try out all kinds of different performances. I have a lot of passion in my work, as long as it is something new then I’m glad to give it a try, hopefully I would get to improve more from this opportunity, after all learning has no limits.] He also expressed that he is still willing to take part in stage play performances, [I want to become an actor who could sing and dance on the stage.] When talking about his working partner Chen Qiao En, Zheng Yuan Chang reveals that his best friend Ethan Ruan was once memorized by Chen Qiao En, [Before I get to meet her, I heard from Xiao Tian (Ethan Ruan) when he talked about her, Xiao Tian said Qiao En has a great body.]

Another leading male Mike He, no long ago he was working on a movie [Future X-Cops] with Andy Lau. Mike He stated that able to work with his idol was ‘something that is hard to believe’, [Felt so unreal but very happy. Facing him will make me very nervous and excited. During the filming, the way Andy Lau dominating the entire set has made a very big impression on me. Because during those times I have given myself too many pressures so I don’t really dare to talk to him.]

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