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Fala Chen won Best Supporting Actress in drama No Regrets

Fala Chen

Fala Chen depended on her deep acting for the role as Ching Ching in No Regrets and successfully beats the Top 5 opponents Kara Hui, Elena Kong, Susanna Kwan and Nancy Wu for "Best Supporting Actress" award. Fala received hugs from the group of male colleagues and blew a kiss to thank everyone. She said with a sob: "I know my role is not liked by everyone, I heard a lot of negative comments, I will accpet them all. I will continue to work hard."

Asked if she will go to her boyfriend (Sit Sai Hang)'s Neway Karoke to celebrate? She said: "Don't know, good suggestion. (How about buy diamond to award yourself?) Can buy it myself, can receive it as a gift, most important is being happy! (What did boyfriend give?) I don't know if he watched TV. (Time to get marry?) Today I am only talking about work and the award." But, online there are many Neitzens questioning her winning the award on discussion forums.

Best Supporting Actor Evergreen Mak also began to sob when he won the award for his role as Fei Fan Gor in No Regrets, he said in tears: "Thank you audience for giving me this good report card. With my other Most Popular Host award, I can finally let people see my report card. In the series, I'm always told to eat crap, but portraying this character, eating crap for 10 years is all worth it."

Raymond Wong double happiness

Raymond Wong successfully won Most Improved Actor award and immediately announced the good news that he'll soon become a father. It is considered double happiness for him: "Thank you my wife for bringing me a little new life soon. I have been in the industry for 13 years, this us my first award in 3.5 years in TVB. Have to thank my producers giving me the opportunites. Thank you Kent Cheng and my wife, helping me get through the tough times."

Most Improved Actress Natalie Tong had her award presented to her by Eric Tsang and Fung Sui Fan. Eric joked: "Why isn't Ah Bong (Amigo Chui) coming up to congratulate you?" Natalie brought tears in her acceptance speech, thanking her late mother: "I want to give this award to my mommy, in the past whatever I did was inconstant, but I wasn't for acting. I know you have always loved me, I don't know why I never told you I really lobe you in the last 20 something years. I hope you give me another opportunity to love you again." Natalie took her award with her to pay respects to her mom, very touching scene.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

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