Selasa, 23 November 2010

Gillian Chung promote album Move On in Tuen Mun

Gillian Chung Move On

Yesterday Gillian Chung (Ah Gil) appeared in Tuen Mun to hold the autograph session for her new EP Move On... The event organiser arranged a built male model (Alex) to let Ah Gil draw on his arm. As the male model was so nervous his hand was shaking, Ah Gil grabbed on tightly to his hand and said: "You're really shaking!" Reporters teased Ah Gil saying that she has especially good fate with people named 'Alex' (referring to Alex Fong).

Ah Gil also reveals that her new EP is about her thoughts and that the public had always misunderstood her: "People say I was the number 1 black face goddess, but I'm not. When I am unhappy, I already tried my best to smile, but sometimes it's really hard pretend to be happy!"

Also, after the autograph session ended, Ah Gil got into a van to leave, but did not realize that good sister Ah Sa (Charlene Choi) was secretly hiding in the van. Ah Gil was so surprised that she immediately took a photo with Ah Sa and posted on eibo. Ah Sa left a message wishing her new album sells well.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

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