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Tony Sun is dating with Angel Han Yu now

Tony Sun and Angel Han

It's difficult to maintain a relationship, especially if you're a mama's boy.

The Taiwanese media recently received news from a source, saying that singer-actor Tony Sun is currently dating co-star Han Yu. The source claimed that Han Yu was seen entering Tony's apartment numerous times. Last week, Han Yu was caught entering Tony's house four times by the media. She was then picked up by her assistant the morning after.

Tony and Han Yu reportedly met during the filming of the drama, Parent's Love. However at that time, Han Yu was rumoured to be dating co-star Liu Zhihan.

In September this year, Han Yu posted a photo of her and Tony on her Facebook, saying "Luckily Leilei (name of her character in Parent's Love) and Jianwen (name of Tony's character) aren't too familiar with each other."

A few days ago, the actress hinted the possibility of her being in a relationship by writing, "My heart started to beat again. This is a setup to the beginning of something wonderful." on her Facebook.

Tony was the leader of now-defunct boy band 5566. After he shot to stardom, he dated fellow singer Ding Xiaoqin. The couple later broke up because of objection from Tony's mother. After Tony became an actor, he dated co-star Chou Youting. The pair was said to have broken up in March this year.

Since his mother's disapproval was the reason behind his breakup with Ding Xiaoqin, his girlfriend of six years, Tony took the initiative to inform his mother about his new relationship this time.

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