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Joyce Cheng and boyfriend Mark Ryan will marry

Joyce Cheng and Mark Ryan

Joyce Cheng and her boyfriend Mark Ryan have been dating for 4 years. Mark has several different positions - a triathlon, a teacher, a designer and an artist. However, most recently Mark has been labeled as a playboy.

Mark came to HK several years ago as an English teacher, in the recent year he has become the Course Director of the Kids PhD Education Center, personally writing up his own curriculum for the young students. A career in teaching has helped Mark gain a deeper understanding of the teaching concepts HK parents have for their children. Because Mark knows Lei Dou Bar's boss, and he knows that Mark is a designer, so invited Mark to draw on the walls of the bar. Mark conveyed the HK education perspective that he knows in his drawings.

Yesterday Joyce Cheng accepted a radio interview and personally admitted that Mark Ryan is her boyfriend. She said: "Last month, I already announced it on a radio program." As for the rumors of her break up with Mark? Joyce shared her love story. Turns out that the two went to the same university, but did not know each other then. It was only until when the two went on an online dating site and saw each other's photo resembling a model that they found attractive, so the made arrangements to meet up. This year it is already their 4th year of dating. Joyce laughed and said the first time they had 'western food', Mark had a very good temper: "My mom called him 'Ah Jai'. If my mom wasn't listening and didn't watch what she was eating, once Mark says one word, she becomes very obedient and stops. I asked Mark before what he likes about me, he said that love can't be explained. We have consensus for marriage."

As for her boyfriend putting his fresco paintings on the walls in Lan Kwai Fong? She said: "I saw the news. (Did you give him advice?) I have absolutely zero talent in drawing." Asked if the two have the same interests? Joyce thought for a moment before answering: "I like him, he likes me!"

Also, recently Mark has been labeled as a playboy. Mark responded saying that he really doesn't understand why the public thinks he's a playboy: "I never done anything, is it because I appeared in Lan Kwai Fong? Fortunately I don't understand Chinese, or else it'll be hard to bear. (Joyce said you had marriage consensus with her?) We are still young, life is short, don't think too much, if you like it, then go for it. When dating someone, don't have to explain, I don't like to say too much because I don't want the public to be focusing on our relationship. Joyce and I will go do things we like and dream of doing"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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