Senin, 15 November 2010

Lin Chi Ling wears Keith Png dress at Marina Bay Sands Shoppes

Lin Chi Ling

As a 21st century woman, Lin Chi-ling is the epitome of sophistication. For her, elegance is an aura one emits from within.

Apart from looking good and keeping a positive attitude in life, she believes that education, surroundings, and the people one encounters in life "plays a part" in contributing to the overall wellbeing of a person.

"I think a girl who is compassionate, kind, willing to give, willing to share-who makes this world a better place -- is a girl full of elegance to me," she quipped.

Blessed with a set of good genes and a flawless mien, Chi-ling attended the official opening of the Longines boutique at Marina Bay Sands Shoppes yesterday afternoon. Clothed in a Keith Png dress, Chi-ling oozed both style and elegance effortlessly in the knee-high number with a ruffled-top and a drapery bottom.

A complete standout from her 1.74m lanky frame, she is a demure, soft-spoken woman who exudes an aura of innocence with her saccharine sweet child-like voice. One might even find it hard to believe that the Red Cliff actress is in her mid-thirties (she's turning 36 on Nov 29).

With her hair gracefully styled in a French chignon, the model turned actress was all smiles at the Longines press conferencen. Speaking in fluent English, she briefly mentioned her future career plans and revealed she is currently "preparing myself for upcoming movies".

A self-confessed contemporary art buff, the demure one put her art skills and knowledge to good use and personally designed a rocking horse for a Community Chest charity auction.

As she unveiled her art piece in the room filled with guests and members of the media, the Art History grad appeared a little embarrassed and apprehensive about her masterpiece. Though a little squeamish initially, Chi-ling regained composure when she started to elaborate on its design aesthetic.

Inspired by changing fashion trends, she explained her choice of decorating the rocking horse with a coat of leopard prints, likening it as the "hot" and "in" thing now.

"I wanted to infuse the prints in a more graceful manner."

And that's when the world of art and fashion collides.

"I'm into trends and what's going on and happening right now. Animal prints are hot and 'in' now. I was thinking maybe I can do something related back to fashion for this work. And I was inspired by a leopard, a symbol of a hardy warrior," she shared.

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