Senin, 15 November 2010

They Kiss Again actor Joe Cheng is not a gay

Joe Cheng

During a recent broadcast from a television program, mixed-European model/actress Larisa/Rui Sha of Taiwanese idol drama "They Kiss Again" asked her former colleague Joe Cheng if he was gay. Also recently, when Joe attended a celebration for the online drama "That Love Comes" with fellow mainland Chinese co-star Li Fei Er and was asked a similar question, the Taiwanese actor was initially shocked and then flatly said while shrugging, "I'm not gay. Everyone knows that I like girls." Fei Er chimed in immediately and said, "Of all the actors I've collaborated with, Joe is the most masculine one."

On the television program, Larisa revealed her private matters and stated that while she admired previous acting colleague Joe during "TKA", she later thought that Joe was actually gay. According to the European model, Larisa commented about the the famous male star "in three words: tall, handsome, well-mannered," followed with "but the media describes him with one word." Netizens pointed out that Larisa has also acted alongside male celebrities Jiro Wang and Ming Dao, and that among them, she was highly suspicious of Joe having homosexual feelings with Taiwanese actor Mike He.

Joe had no other option but to respond that people clearly needed an opportunity to have a new scandal topic, but that he hoped that things don't go too far, stressed not to publish opinions that are harmful to others, and re-iterated that he himself "isn't gay". Yet Joe doesn't feel disappointed towards the entertainment business, and expressed that the people in his social network are charming. He also wants to attempt even more admiring challenges in the future, whether they be on of off the stage.

Online idol drama "That Love Comes" will broadcast six episodes, and it currently already enjoys thousands of views. To celebrate the occasion, male and female leads Joe and Fei Er happily dressed up as bride and groom, where the bride-dressed Fei Er heroically gushed out, "If we break a hundred million views, then I'll swim naked!"

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