Senin, 15 November 2010

Vic Chou no blessings no comments for his ex lover Barbie Hsu

Vic Chou

Looks like Barbie Hsu's ex lover, Vic Chou, is not giving her his blessings.

The former member of Taiwanese boyband F4 had refused to comment on Barbie's wedding when he was bombarded by the press at the Taiwan airport earlier this week.

Vic and Barbie had met on the set of Meteor Garden in 2001 and dated for over two years since July 2005.

When asked if he had any message or words of blessing for Barbie, the seemingly annoyed Vic merely said thank you and scurried off without addressing the press.

It was reported that Vic was filming his show Returning Home in the same building in Shanghai as Barbie, who was there to film her movie. But the two had not crossed paths despite the proximity.

Sources have confirmed that Barbie and Xiaofei's wedding will be held in Sanya, Hainan Island in China between March 27 and 29 next year, though their mothers and Barbie's assistant have yet to confirm the news.

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