Senin, 29 November 2010

Rainie Yang go to Brunei with Wu Chun

Rainie Yang

Did Rainie Yang tour Brunei with Fahrenheit's Wu Chun?

Apparently, the singer-actress flew straight to Brunei after she clinched the Golden Bell Best Actress award for her role in Hi My Sweetheart last month.

Rainie had met Wu Chun on the set of Sunshine Angel, a drama serial due to be released next year.

The singer was reportedly seen going in and out of Wu Chun's house in Brunei. Her tickets there were believed to be booked by Wu Chun's assistant and his cousin helped with hotel reservations.

Rainie's agent expressed that the 26-year-old was indeed on a holiday to Brunei. But it was with her mother and not Wu Chun as reported. The agent also said that it was impossible for the duo to meet as Wu Chun was on a promotional tour with his fellow Fahrenheit members in China for their latest album Super Hot then.

At an appearance for her Sony Music junior Huang Jing Lun's new book launch yesterday, Rainie took the opportunity to clarify that she and Show Luo were just friends and had never been in a relationship.

She and Show were previously rumoured to be dating for a brief four months after filming Hi My Sweetheart together.

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