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Selena Li and Steven Ma in Thunder of Forbidden City

Selena Li

Steven Ma and Selena Li were in Kowloon City shooting outdoor scenes for TVB new series Thunder of Forbidden City. In the series, the two have quite a bit of love scenes. As the series has already started shooting for over a month, Steven frankly said that he has to fight and speak his lines at the same time, so it has been difficult, he said: "This time for this series, filming has been difficult. Tomorrow on Winter Solstice, Christmas, and New Year's Eve, I have to work in the studio, no choice! Sacrifice the little me, let other colleagues make some money. I hope married people can spend the holidays with family, this year's holidays I'll take it, next year I won't

Steven was asked if he'll be getting married year? He said: "I don't know! This year there's me here to handle it all! (Getting married next year?) Not yet! Leave it to fate!" He frankly said that he can work through any holiday, but Lunar New Year he must get a break because there is special atmosphere for the Lunar New Year.

Praises Kenneth Ma a good guy

As for Selena Li, she expressed for Christmas she doesn't have anything scheduled and if she has an opportunity she will go to a party. She said: "To me, Christmas is very important to me, it has the most love. (Have you found your lover then?) There is a pursuer, but not official yet. Within the upcoming year, we will keep it stable first." Asked if she hopes to 'fish a tortoise'? Selena said: "Of course I hope to find someone that is stabled financially! Women who already have children, chances of making money is reduced, but I will not choose a partner based on money. Dating someone who is too rich, first it is too troubling and second we both have different values. Tried before, got to know before, just doesn't match!" When speaking of her co-star Kenneth Ma have always been said to be a good guy, asked if she would consider him? She laughed: "We won't! I hope to find someone outside of the industry, I must say Kenneth is a good guy, but not good for me."

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