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Cyndi Wang and Mike He in drama Mei Le Jia You

Cyndi Wang Mei Le Jia You

Cyndi Wang and Mike He will be in a new GTV drama called "美樂加油" (roughly translates to Mei Le, go) – a love story with a bakery shop as its setting. For the drama, they specially invited the 2010 world champion pastry chef Hsu Yen-Wu as their consultant. Coincidently, SETTV also plans to film a bakery related drama next year, but GTV will get a head start in filming. The two leads got their character image styles settled just several days ago, and the drama is to start filming on the 16th.

In "美樂加油", Cyndi Wang will play a bakery shop owner, so she has been practicing some basic skills like kneading dough and baking toasts. Mike He will play a famous music producer who falls in love with Cyndi's toasts, which gives him inspirations for his work.

Although Mike's popularity has been declining, GTV emphasized, "(We're) very happy to have Mike He be in this drama, we especially asked the original novel author (單飛雪) to modify the script to fit his character."

Mike accepted the role half a month ago and immediately began to go on a diet. Other than swimming and working, he only eats vegetables for dinner. The 180cm actor dropped from 72Kg to 68Kg. He revealed that chose less aggressive sports to lose weight due to his previous spine injury (separation of the 5th and 6th vertebrae). He said, "The doctor recommended me to go through surgery because if it gets serious, it may cause Ankylosing spondylitis, but if do, I'll have to rest for eight months, so I don't want to go through surgery right away."

Mike was injured while playing basketball during the filming of "Seventh Grade" seven years ago.

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