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Selina Ren suffering 3rd degree burns in drama "I Have a Date with Spring"

Selina Ren

A member of Taiwan's popular pop group S.H.E was flown back to Taiwan Sunday (8pm local time) after sustaining serious third degree burns in an accident while shooting a TV drama series "I Have A Date With Spring" in China on Friday.

Television images showed 28 year old, Selina Ren returning to Taipei late in the day on a chartered flight from Shanghai.

"I wish I could endure the suffering for her, even at the cost of my life," her father -- known to fans simply as Father Jen -- told reporters shortly after his daughter was rushed to the Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital outside Taipei.

"May heaven have mercy on her."

He said that his daughter was in stable condition but that it might take her months to recover, declining to provide details of her burns.

The pop star suffered third-degree burns over up to 40 percent of her body, the Taipei-based United Daily News said.

The singer-actress was under observation in an intensive care unit in Ruijin Hospital in Shanghai, after suffering severe burns to her hands, legs and back last Friday afternoon, reports said. Her face was unhurt, her company HIM records said.

Her condition is being monitored by doctors from Shanghai, Taiwan and health care company International SOS, reported United Daily News.

International SOS Taiwan general manager Keynes Chen told the newspaper that Jen suffered smoke inhalation, and that most of her burns were on her legs.

He said that in the early stages of her recovery, she should stay in Shanghai for the surgical removal of dead tissue from her skin, before her return to Taiwan.

The accident took place when explosives went off earlier than planned - {No problems were found during several tests of the explosives before the actual shooting.}, the report said, adding that thousands of fans had added their names to many fan based websites saying condenses and they would pray for her.

Sources: Channel News Asia; Straits Times; China Post

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