Kamis, 04 November 2010

Vivian Chow pregnant from husband Joe Ngai Chun

Vivian Chow Pregnant

When Vivian Chow Wai Man and Joe Ngai Chun got married last year, they vowed that they were not interested in having children. However, Joe’s father, Ngai Hong wanted the couple to have children. As a result, Vivian and Joe may have changed their minds about becoming parents. Recent rumors claim that forty-three year-old Vivian may be three months pregnant!

Vivian was spotted with a minor belly bump and wearing flat shoes while attending church with Joe. On October 24th, the couple had dinner with their friends and may have announced Vivian’s pregnancy news. Vivian laughed throughout dinner and appeared to be highly excited.

Next year will mark the twenty-fifth anniversary since Vivian joined the entertainment circle. Due to her age and a possible high-risk pregnancy, Vivian turned down a guest-star opportunity at Chris Wong Hoi Kan ’s concert earlier.

Source: Tom.com

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